Friday, September 27, 2013

Weighing options

Good morning! Yesterday's post was cathartic for me. I have been frustrated for a number of years as I witness the service professions take advantage of  home owners. Through no fault but my own, I let it happen. Therefore, I will continue to share my faux pas with readers as a community service. That's service. 

Speaking of which, as I peruse the websites helping our Tink locate the perfect job, I found a few for myself. There is one a few minutes from the house that pays double of what I currently make plus I am qualified for it. The only problem is that it is a twelve month contract and I would have to be in the office 5 days (at least a week). This can pose a few issues for me as I love working at home and showing up at work for classes and meetings. Do I want a challenge or do I stay where I am comfortable? It is certainly something to ponder. Plus the job is largely administrative and I, for one, really loathe having to manage other people for a number of reasons.

And so, I will sit back and consider whether I should pursue the job or focus on my students who struggle to understand what I am saying in class....a dilemma.....In other words, do I look for a position where people do understand what I say and won't follow through OR where people don't understand and cannot follow through.....which is the less frustrating position to be in?

As far as the big kid is concerned, today is his first fall scrimmage and he is set to pitch. There are multiple unanswered questions that will be answered by 10 pm tonight.

~Will he bring it tonight? Can his fast ball hit its mark over the plate?

~Has the pitching doctor's program actually increased his velocity?

~Will he be able to manage his head and thoughts as he tried to impress the new coaches?

~Can he overcome his doubts?

~Will I get a happy or salty phone call tonight to review the game's events?

~Do I need to start praying now or at 6 pm?

What can I say? No matter what kind of job you choose, there are doubts and anxieties associated with it. The big leftie and I are really more alike than either of us want to admit. I, too would be nervous and have troubles if the entire team was staring at me. Coming back from an injury is not easy. Will he still have his stuff? Can he use his new mantra 'attack' as he throws the ball and can he block out his thoughts and the crowd's cheers and boos? Why does he want to do this? Wouldn't he prefer a job that is not contingent upon a group of people watching your every move? He could be drafted by a team in the midwest, traded to a team in Canada, or be sent to Central America to pitch.  What about Japan? Their cost of living is sky high? Does he really want this lifestyle and ambiguity? Does he have a strong enough personality to handle it? Do I?

Ah, so many questions and a ball has yet to be thrown. So, I will take my convoluted thoughts and focus on the job that I have and worry about something else....such as finding my chocolate Rolo cookie recipe for Tank's next food competition. There is nothing better than a chocolate cookie with caramel in the center....nothing....really....try it...

As they say in Little League: "Play ball!"


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