Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I don't want to see you doing that!

Good morning! I'm back at work...really back at back that I am already behind. As I entered the morning's class, there was one student in the classroom. Uh, where is everyone? Dunno...was the response.....With one student, I started the class. After five minutes, the rest walked in. "As you probably surmised, I started class five minutes ago."

Heads went down...computers opened....noisy....I kept going. Hey! I made it on time...that's right. Am I a meanie or what? Making sure that they are in class before it starts is proper etiquette.

I don't think that manners and responsibility went out with Twinkies, if you know what I mean. If I waited to start the class I would have rewarded their late behavior. Nope....not BP mom....

OK, on to the big guy who is one happy camper. He had a meeting with the new pitching coach who uses salty language and yells. But he yells good things the kid says.

As he worked out with the coach, he once again said that he did not want to see the leftie doing any other training like the pitching doctor's program. Buddy interpreted the comment..."he does not want to SEE it. So, I can still do the training at the local high school....." Ok, kiddo....are you sure that this is what he meant?

Anyway, feedback from the coach was positive. He looks forward to working with him, salty language and all....

Opps. Got to go back to class....have a good day!

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