Sunday, September 8, 2013

Case Race Part II

Greetings! A great day in the northeast and I am looking forward to the Mushroom Festival...that's right...I am going to the local mushroom festival in a neighboring town. It seems that we are known as the world's leading producer of mushrooms. Take that, Florida and California! More about that later....

I haven't posted in the past few days since I was getting ready for the tennis regional playoffs. Yep, my little ole team made the playoffs and I was pretty nervous and excited. I played with a woman who hates to lose more than I hate lima beans which means 'alot'. So, not wanting to tick her off, I made sure that I hit my serves into the little boxes, got into the right position, and watched the ball. That was the extent of my strategy. Fortunately, our opponents were more nervous than I was, so we won our match.


However, our team did not advance since our other two doubles teams were unable to pull out victories.

The way I look at it is...any day...any time...any one can beat the top players. And so it goes...back to practice and on to paddle.

How is the big kid? Uh, can anyone say "craz-ee?" He is beyond intense.

I haven't seen him like this in years. He eats, sleeps, and reads baseball. He works out like a fiend and refuses to let his guard down. he just started eating multi grain bread since it is good for him. I have tried for 21 years to get him to ingest a grain or two with no luck. According to his nutritionist, loading with complex carbs are good for him. Hmm....I've said it for years....deaf ears....selective listening/hearing. In fact, when he announced his change in diet, it was like a light bulb turned on in his noggin.

Back to his obsession. He left a track party at 10:30 on Friday night as I received a text "am I getting old? I just left a party early?" Old indeed. Try getting out of bed every day with my bones and joints as I hobble to grab my robe. Now, that's old.

Anyway, as he tucked himself into bed in the poop deck, he rose early since all of the sports teams were expected onto the football field at 11 am to greet the football players as they ran onto the field for the first home opener in a stadium of roughly 100,000 people. What he did not expect was that 75% of his team mates had met in the house of mold at 9 am and had case races.

That's right, by 11 am, they were so drunk that they were staggering. Wanting to grab the baseball flag and keep it in the air, Angel got to it first. Unfortunately, he won the case race and was in such a drunken state that he started to jab people with the baseball flag, run onto the field with the cheerleaders on the opposing team dancing, and screaming that he was so drunk that he wanted Buddy to take video since he would not remember the day.

As he was screaming, the athletic director walked onto the field directly behind him. Can anyone say: "ooops?" Needless to say, there will be some fireworks on the field today with the 8 am practice.

Oye! As I said to my son: "worry about things that you can control. You cannot control what your team mates do. Show them the results of your hard work and they will begin to follow."

And so, another fun day in the BPM household....last week's dessert and drinks party was postponed until today for rain, so I have to finish my desserts. Lil D stopped by and asked me to make brownies for him. His quint sister and brother begged for the chocolate stuffed cupcakes. OK, gang....comin' to the way, I found a great brownie pizza recipe online that looks amazing. Sadly, I have begun to count my points today for WW and will not try it. But I'll watch as the kids eat them and will report back to you as to the quality and consistency and whether they are 'calorie worthy'.

Gotta run! Peace!

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