Sunday, September 22, 2013

I want "Oooooos"!!

Good morning! I am posting two today since I could not finish yesterday's post with lil Cupcake in the house. Yes, it's true that Tink was watching her, but she is a tremendous distraction and I loved watching her as she toddled throughout the family room and kitchen asking for "Os" (Cheerios) and playing with Diva.

She has an affinity for our telephones and tablets, so I had to place them higher than her reach and out of sight. If she saw them, she would scream and point. Diva and I decided it was best to hide our electronics to placate the child and our ears. Nevertheless, I loved having my Fairy Goddaughter in the house.

How is the big kid two days after the big blow out with the coach....well....fade to Friday night....

There was a big blow out party in the house of mold. A freshmen had too much to drink and the guys put him in Buddy's old room. Upon checking on him, there was the kid and vomit all over the room, hall, and bathroom...can anyone say: "Yuk"?

Big Red decided to drink way too much and punched out a window. No one saw him afterwards to assess the damage to his hand because he disappeared. At this point, Buddy does not know how his favorite catcher is doing.
As the party began to wind down, Dog asked the big kid to help him to clean up since Buddy had been the bouncer and housekeeper when he lived there. Also, they had been served with a number of violations by the borough and were facing eviction. In true form, the big leftie said: "Nope...see ya...." and walked out of the house leaving Dog to clean the vomit and red solo cups strewn on the lawn and throughout the house.

Yesterday, as the big kid went to the stadium to work out, he had the music on high since the rest of the team were nursing hangovers after the big football game. One of the assistant coaches barged into the room and asked him why he was there and if he was drunk. "Uh, no, I am working out." The assistant told him that the coaches knew of his work ethic and appreciated it. Now here is the big story....

The assistant coaches are currently living in the stadium offices. It seems that the university gave them stipends for hotel rooms that have run out. And so, to stay in town, they are sleeping on the floor and futons while waiting for their apartments to be ready. Now, this is either crazy or dedication. Obviously they wanted these jobs so they had to relocate but having to live in the stadium is just.....sad.

On another note, the head coach read his rules to the rule is: "If you enter a bar and see me there, you must leave. If I enter a bar and see you there, I will leave." This is something to ponder at some point. Is the head coach saying that he frequents the bars and does not want to party with the peanut gallery? Or is he saying, he sees them enough during the year and wants time off? Either way, it seems to me like a good rule. Albeit, he must have been using this rule in his years coaching at other colleges and found that it works.

And so, it's time for me to move on with my day. Have a good one!

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