Friday, August 9, 2013

Pink Sisters!'s going to rain...again. No worries if you are a duck. Although I read about World Youth Day in Rio. It rained for several days flooding the streets and bringing the alligators/crocs out of the rain forest. Can anyone say "RUN!" or at least: "SWIM!"

Yesterday Tink had her interview at the local hoity-toity health spa. She prepared for the questions and was equipped with her resume and letters of recommendation. To her surprise, the coordinator of the program who conducted her interview was our old Zumba instructor. They immediately recognized each other and hopefully she will get the job. After work, they can dance together. How often does something like that happen? Uh, could it be the result of the Pink cloister nuns on Green Street who have been praying for her? tell me....

On to the big guy. He has been in great spirits lately and continues to work out 3-4 hours a day. He can long toss for 300+ feet which seems to be pretty far. When I throw the left over bread to the birds, I can clear 6 feet....just sayin'

Yesterday, they announced the new coach. It seems that the first guy from O-hiooo has been named head coach. Buddy is thrilled since he is the coach who subscribes to the pitching doctor's program..hmmm...again...the Pink sisters?

Actually, we did not pray for this at all, but it seems pretty spectacular considering the two other candidates were unsure about the program. In a way, I am glad that he was on the search committee. He was able to participate in the process and now has another skill to add to his limited resume. It sits under collecting golf balls in a caged cart on the driving range while golfers try to hit him, cleaning trash cans, wrapping cakes, running to the dry cleaners, and operating a cash register. Looks to me like he is prepared for a place at the grocery store. Although, he does have 3 years of college under his belt. The combination will land him as the assistant manager of the bakery department frosting cupcakes and keeping an eye on the bread inventory.

In the meantime, he has one  and possibly two years of college left. Tink and I hit the local discount stores yesterday equipped with a coupon and purchased the necessities such as soap, a broom, trash cans, and toilet bowl brush. He swears....that he will keep the poop deck clean. By the way, the shower curtain in the house of mold is hanging on by one ring since a partier had fallen into the tub and grabbed the curtain. He or she pulled all of the rings down except one. This happened a while ago. They have been showering with a fraction of the curtain protecting the floor of the bathroom. Again, I say...I will never enter that house again.....can't....won't....not interested.....glad that I do not own it and cannot believe that anyone would rent their home to college students. This house should be condemned.

With that said, we are headed to Balletone. I think that it is a combination of ballet and stretching...or stretching and ballet...let's see. I am interested and so....have a great day!

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