Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hi! Back from the quick trip to campus yesterday and equipping the poop deck. I felt that it was a successful day until I walked in the door around 8:30 pm to the statement from Tink: "Mom, you're wearing your tee shirt backwards!"
What? Looking down, then around...I could see it. Yes, I spent the entire day from 8am to 8:30 pm wearing a tee shirt backwards. No one said anything....the big kid who was attached to my side through the magnetic pull of my credit card never said anything to me. Didn't he notice? Didn't he care? Wasn't he embarrassed to walk around the stores with a pre-Alzheimer's woman who was wearing a backwards tee shirt? Are Tink and I the only ones who cared? OR were there whispers in the supermarket and discount furniture stores about the odd woman walking around with the big guy who needed a shave? An odd couple indeed.....Why...oh why....didn't he notice? Which leads me to the notion that.....

He didn't care.

He is so absorbed with what he needed and had to do that he never noticed his backwards mama. He knew that he needed chairs, tables, sofa, food, and kitchen equipment yet his mom's sanity was a low priority on his list. This is the guy who is going to pick out my nursing home, too!

Now what? If he doesn't care about the basics, what is going to happen when it comes to more important matters? Perhaps, I need to find a less absorbed son..or be grateful for what I have...a guy who does not care about his mother's attire...who spent the entire day with her chatting up a storm....and who loves her anyway....backwards and frontwards....

In hindsight and upon reflection, despite my attire, he was happy to spend the day with me and did not seem embarrassed to be seen with a woman who cannot dress herself in the morning. I guess this is why Prince Charles has a butler and valet. They look at him and double check for a major fashion faux pas. Perhaps I am setting a trend for mom's throughout the world daring people to comment on their wardrobe.

With that said, I am going to drive Tink to her second interview. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!

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