Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An offer he cannot refuse

HI! It's a quick one before I run to campus. Long day ahead...we start with a 2 hour meeting then run into another two hour meeting. At least we have dinner with the second one. The big kid just called. It seems that his time on the ranch this summer has paid off.

Now, he complains about the freshman who could not carry the weight during a drill and dropped it with three feet left. With the player dropping the weight, the rest of the squad had to wait with their weights in their arms until he could pick it up and cross the line.


The guys were dying and screaming for the player to pick it up and finish the drill as they held onto their weights. Now the season begins. Big Red and Angel are going to have a sit down with the kid to remind him that if he let his team mates down and if he cannot be trusted to bring the weight across the finish line with the rest of the guys struggling, how can they place him in a game with the bases loaded and two outs?
This is all true. According to my son, he did not have trouble holding and carrying the weight until he had to hold it for another few minutes waiting for the kid to pick it up again. He learned at the ranch to perform multiplication tables in his head to take his mind off what was going on. This seems like a really good idea. I'll try it some time when I need to distract myself. Although, I really cannot perform simple math and may have more stress as a result. Who knows?

On to Tink's wheels....we have narrowed down the competition to a Honda CRV. It's safe, large, and she is comfortable in it. It also has a back up camera which I like. Further, we got a great deal on it. Where? Well, dad went to the agency that had ignored me last week. I refused to go back, but he had no qualms going in. And they made him an offer that he could not refuse. Was Don Corleone in the room?

Anyway, it is looking like a go....so...we will know by the end of the week whether or not she got the car. In the meantime,  she starts her classes next week. As the Beach Boys sing: "And she'll have fun, fun, fun until daddy takes her t-bird away..." Fun...fun...fun....

Off to work, I go....


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