Monday, August 12, 2013

Pulling the plug

Good Monday morning! I hope that this week is a good one for all. The BPM family is mourning the possible loss of a dear family member....been in the family for 13 years and has been a reliable source of transportation for 176,000 miles. In human years, the car is 100 years old.

That's pretty blue SUV that has been with me in joys and and downs....mile after mile AND has never failed to start or get me to my destination. We have driven together up and down the east coast, to Ohi-ooo, West Virginia, through the mountains, and to the shore. On vacation, the comfort of the drive is similar to my own bed. My bottom had carved an indentation in the cushion and left a lasting imprint. Seriously, I love the car.

When it was time to pass it down to Buddy, I had a tear in my eye, but I knew that he loved it like I do...or did....It was in good hands. Although something happens when a car hits a certain age....the tires are worn, the tread is not as flexible, the paint begins to dull...sound familiar? Anyway, on Friday, Buddy was on his way to work and the care refused to continue....or actually, it could not. Finally, yes, finally, the car could no longer move. Only able to drive in low gear or go in reverse, dad took it on a journey to the car hospital. The car doc took one look at it and shook his head. He knew the gravity of the situation as we stared helplessly at our dear family member. Then he said it....those words that we all dread....'life support'....yes, my pretty blue SUV is now on life support with the hopes of a donor transmission as its only way to extend it life.

Now we look at the quality of future life should we decide to go with the transmission transplant. How long will it be before something else breaks down? What if the transmission repair costs more than the car is worth? Then what? DO we pay for it OR dare I write it.....pull the plug?

And so, this is a conundrum. What to do?  Do we say our final good bys  or do we go for it? Rebuild the transmission, extend its life for a few thousand miles. It all depends. The way dad put it is: "My thresh hold of pain is $1000." Ok, a thousand bucks for something that has been loyal throughout the visits...your pain is only $1000? Where's the loyalty? Oye!

The first week that I had the car, a woman rear ended me and totaled her car. My SUV has a few scratches on the bumper. What does that tell you? Yep....the accident could have been worse, but I was protected by its fine construction.

Today, the transmission specialist is asking for a second opinion. Keep the fingers crossed....Yes, it is only an object but it has been in my life for so long and been not only comfortable but reliable and safe. I owe it more than a thousand dollars.....perhaps it needs a miracle. We'll know more later. Until then...have a good one!

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