Friday, August 16, 2013


Greetings from the south....sorry that I have not written but I did not have access to a computer until now. Before I begin....a big birthday shout out to Chill who represents the youth of the family...happy day kiddo...enjoy your cake...pie...cupcake....cream puff....Huh? Cream puff? Yep, one year BP Grandmom made homemade cream puffs for my birthday since I was not in the mood for cake. Yeah. I know what you're thinking....not in the mood for cake? Uh huh...not that year.....


On to more pressing issues. I see that Charley Manual, the manager of the Phillies was fired today. He joins a list of coaches and managers who are unemployed at the moment. However, before we say adios to Charley, I want to thank him for bringing a championship to the Phillies after such a long dry spell. Time to take the millions and take a cruise or 50. Vaya con dios, big guy....

Who else has lost their jobs? Well......the pitching coach is now gone....finite...hasta luego....bah bahh... He got the pink slip on Wednesday when the new coach met with him and gave him his walking papers and took his radar gun. He's now looking for employment. I have nothing nice to say, so I will not say anything. Why? Well, I am not fond of the way he treated my kid as well as the other players. The number of surgeries on the guys' arms was way above the national average. Therefore, he honestly had no clue. I am not sure what he qualified to do at this point. But I do wish him well as he searches for fulfillment.

The other coach who was fired was the hitting and recruiting coach. I liked this guy. He was kind and cared about the guys, team, and school. He is one of the casualties of the head coach's termination. I do feel for the guy. He has 6 boys under the age of 9 and his wife does not work. He needs a job...right now. Anyone looking to hire a nice guy with lots of kids who actually gives a hoot? If so, I'll give you his contact information.

On Monday, the big kid and I head to campus to give the infamous sofa away. We can't give it to Good Will or Purple Heart since it is a sofa bed. Dog and OC have been the room mates from hell, want him to leave the sofa with them, not pay him for it or anything else that he brought to the house...and oh, by the way, give $45 for a cleaning service to come in to the house of mold to clean it since it is uninhabitable right now. Since my kid has not lived there since the beginning of May and the other guys had trashed it while he was away, he is not now nor will ever, pay for a cleaning service to clean up after the others. OC is so angry that he threatened to have his mother e-mail me. I scared of Mrs OC? In a word....'no'. Yep, she lives in the lavish Orange County gated community that is seem on some Housewives show, but her wealth does not intimidate me. If she does contact me, I will politely tell her that this is a matter between room mates and not their mothers. In fact, I heard that she wants me to pay for the blinds that she put into the house., if we do a spread sheet, let's look at my contribution....sofa bed, tables, chairs (stolen off the porch when OC left them out over a break), pots, pans, soaps, dishes, cleaner, laundry hanger, and so on and on and on....I am not sticking my big toe into this battle. 'cause if BP mom has to get involved, there will be no survivors. Once my right index finger starts to point, the kids know to run and get out of Dodge. I have no patience for this nor will I fight this kind of stupid battle. Ask me to collect money for cancer research, work with the homeless, help to find a cure for overspending BUT don't ask me to stick my nose where it does not belong.

Whew....That was cleansing.....OK, I gotta go and figure out what to make for dinner....any ideas?


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