Monday, July 29, 2013

Thinking about it in my head

Good morning! I hope that you had a restful weekend. We have had lots to do as the big kid flew home on Friday. I actually saw him for a total of 25 minutes through the weekend. He worked, slept, and worked out. He came back to the region a renewed guy.

Why? Well, the pitching doctor taught him a number of new maneuvers, a different way of training, and instilled more confidence. He also suggested yoga as a way to maintain his flexibility. And so, on Saturday, he attended class with me. He was pretty good as I leaned against the wall trying not to fall on the woman next to me. 

This morning, he arose at 6 am and went to work out for two hours before he left for campus. The search for the new coach has been narrowed down to four applicants. He is part of the search committee and will interview the candidates over the next four days. He couldn't be happier as he wrote a number of questions last night including how the potential coach would allow him to continue his personal style of training. He does not want to deviate from what he learned to do in July. Who could blame him?

It's a big week as he participates in the search process and moves out of the house of mold. Sadly, the furniture that he brought to the house was trashed by the drunken partiers. The kitchen table has been used for beer pong. The chairs were stolen from the porch when one of the guys left them overnight. The sofa has a heavy scent of beer. And so, the big kid offered to sell the stuff to the remaining guys who replied that they would not buy them. They would trash them. Calling their bluff, he contacted the Salvation Army who will pick up these things and give them to the needy. Upon their return in late August, there will be no sofa, kitchen table, pots and pans, and tables and tv stand.

Why doesn't he bring them to his new place? Well, they have been trashed and he no longer wants them. He is starting fresh and putting last year behind him. Further, there are others who can use them and cannot afford to purchase new furniture.

While on campus this week, he is going to meet with his former roomies, Angel and Big Red who are also on the search committee. Big Red had been drunk texting him last week and told him to stop thinking and just throw the &%(( ball.

Hmmm....this leads me to think about it over rated? I mean, should an athlete think or can he or she think too much? The answer is not so simple. Tink used to say: "I have to think about it in my head..."  My take on it is that you have to think about technique and how you are concentrating through the game. If something happens, like a hit batter or a base on balls, the pitcher has to adjust. The only way to adjust is to think about what he is doing wrong. Therefore, thinking is not over rated. As a matter of fact, thinking is essential to perfecting the game.  And, may I say, how does one develop strategy if he wants to overcome his opponent....answer: think about it!

Whereas it is true that if you practice enough, you will not have to think as much during a game. You let your body do the work, follow the ball, and create opportunities. But, a person cannot eliminate thinking from their strategy. By the way, the person suggesting that he not think so much is the catcher who needs to think about the location and type of pitch that he wants thrown. So, perhaps, he is offering some sound advice, but this guy needs to think about his game. At least for now.

OK, it's time for me to think about my goals for today.....which include work.

Enjoy the sunshine....but don't think about it.....

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