Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lights, camera, action!

Good morning! I hope all is well in your world. A quick update on Diva...she is almost back to normal. Hopefully, her issue was a pinched nerve and NOT a tumor. The steroids and muscle relaxers seemed to help. By the way, even though she was taking the relaxers, she is still not 'relaxed'. She is as high strung as ever. Is it possible for a dog to have a Type A personality?

On to Texas...the stars at night are clear and bright....deep in the heart of Texas....why am I singing? Eh, I don't know....sorry....As the family will tell you, everything that I attempt to sing, even Happy Birthday, sounds like Bob Dylan. Although when I was in high school, I had a hair cut that Big Sis claims made me look like Jackson Brown....."Running on empty....."

Oops, back to the Lone Star state....I went to an hour long hot yoga class yesterday....once again, I needed remediation. The instructor kept me after class to work on my technique...can anyone say: "LOSER?" Yeah....being asked to stay after a yoga class for help is a bit....let's say...embarrassing....

What does this have to do with the big guy? Well.....

When I returned to my car after my hour + long class, I could see on my phone that the big guy called three times while the instructor was moving me around the mat with proper technique. Three times in 70 minutes means that he has something important to tell me or he is in the hospital.....And so, I called back and he actually answered....a miracle since he never picks up the phone while he works out.

" know the show Duck Dynasty?"

"uh huh, I heard that it was good...never saw it...."

"Well, the producers want to do a reality series at the ranch....But the coach does not want to turn it into a circus."

"OK, I can understand it."

"Instead they want to create a documentary and follow some of the guys who are training throughout the year to see their progress.  I am not going to interview for it."

Sputtering...." Dude...why not? This could be pretty cool...."

"Too many distractions and I don't want a camera crew following me to class. Plus we have a new coach."

Hmmm....he makes perfect sense....NOT!

"Uh, let's think about this taking this on, you may be creating a great number of opportunities plus you do not know who will see it."

"I'll think about it. I know that I would get it. I have the perfect story about having it, losing it, and getting it back. Plus I also have division 1 baseball under my belt."

Uh have all of those factors which makes you an ideal candidate for this documentary. And so...DO IT!

With that said, he will speak to the producers today and we will know more later. Until then, I think that this is quite an opportunity for the big guy. He's right. If you have been following the blog, his road has been circuitous at best...the highs...the lows....the really lows...the middle....the mono...Lyme disease...shoulder surgery....time in the bullpen...odd, sick, twisted coaches....and so on and on....

And now, we will wait to see if he convinces the producers....will let you know as the details unfold.

Have a great day!

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