Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Deep in the heart of Texas

Greetings from Houston airport….George Bush airport to be specific…..it’s been an interesting few days as we flew to Houston to see the big kid.  As he approached us, he looked very different…thinner…tired….shaved head….yeah, I said ‘shaved’. Actually, the head was not bald, just closely cropped.  Usually, his hair is styled with gel.  However, he looked like a person who needed a bath, shave, and stylist.  Yet, he was a very happy guy.

As he showed us the ranch, I am going to be blunt….yes, the program is located on a ranch in the middle of no-where Texas. But…..the facilities are a large garage with equipment, a field to throw, a batting cage, and several pitching mounds.  Water access is through a hose.  There is no air conditioning or refrigeration.  In other words, I would not have survived the four weeks here….nope, I need my running water and air conditioning….am I soft? Perhaps….

On to other observations…..we stayed in a very clean, scent-free Marriott off route something or other.  They offered free breakfast and wifi….air conditioning…all of the comforts of home without Diva.  On the other hand, the big leftie was staying in a weekly motel known as ‘value city’ or something like that.  The individuals living there were intriguing as they drove their cars into the parking lot with bullet holes in them.  Dangerous? Perhaps, yet, it is better that I do not comment or ask any probing questions.  I did not go into his room.  I just wanted to deny the dirt and living conditions. Some things are best unknown when it comes to your kid.

As he spent hours at the ranch working out, we had time to tour Texas.  In the four days we were there, we put 1000 miles on our rental car and drove all over looking at the sites.  OK, some of the sites….we saw oil rigs, drilling, ranches, and cows. No cowboys or horses…..however….
The food was spectacular….yeah….amazing….wow….ummm….loved the Tex-Mex….loved the breakfasts…..soooo good.  Now, here is where I stand…..I am in no hurry to return to the Lone Star state. I can now say that I saw everything that I wanted to see, ate what I wanted….now it is time to leave and return to my Weight Watchers points. If I lived here full time, I would be unable to fit into the middle seat of the airplane.

Honestly, the people were so nice and the food was great.  But nothing is going to bring me back unless it is big…really big….like Texas….as far as Tink is concerned, she decided that she has to have cowboy boots. Yes, a new look for our Tink….are you sure? Really, really sure? After all, we live in the northeast where the cowgirls wear Uggs…”yes, mom, I really want them. I swear I will wear them….” Then my mind took me to college when I begged and pleased for a suede jacket. I had to have it…come on…I really want it.  And so after months of begging, my obnoxious behavior was rewarded for my birthday.  Yeah…just what I wanted…..it was soft and sort of orangy…beautiful…..

I wore it to class that day and as I stepped out from the science building, it poured buckets of rain onto me and my jacket. Can anyone say ‘ruined’? This was just another one of life’s lessons for ole BPM. Be careful of what you want….you just might get it.  Where is that jacket today? Who knows…why would I wear an orangy suede jacket?  Those days are over…now I beg for new pots and pans that have handles since all of mine broke off.

OK, gotta catch my plane and run through Atlanta one more time……

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