Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why can't I touch my toes?

Hi! A beautiful day out there and Diva dog cannot settle in. She has been barking for the past 15 minutes after a fawn and her parents walked through the back yard. Hey, this is Diva's turf, not the deer, so she wants to make it known that they are trespassing...although the little fawn is so cute. She ran away from her parents, then they chased her down. It's like the days when I chased my own kids throughout the neighborhood. I was in much better shape back then. I guess the kids were my athletic trainers...

And speaking of athletic trainers, the big kid is headed to campus today to speak with his trainer about the inappropriate weight lifting that they have been exposed to. According to the surgeon and physical therapist (best in their fields, did we luck out on this one?) pitchers needs to be limber and not muscular. Buddy cannot even touch his toes nor rotate from his hips. No wonder he could not find the plate. His extension was limited.

Another factor to consider is that his troubles this year on the mound were not from his fear of re-injuring himself (although there was some reticence there) but from mechanics and compensating for the lack of flexibility. Hmmm.....that's practice models and evidence based practice were not evident nor considered by the trainers and coaches. Yikes. Thank goodness, we were able to figure this one out. I feel for the individuals who do not scrutinize training practices and ask the right questions. They accept things for what they are and not what they could be.

As the big guy heads to the mountains today, he will bring the flexibility and training program created by the PT and will refuse to follow the university's protocols in the future. It's his body. He wants to be on record now and not act like a prima donna in the fall when he refuses to lift weights.

Now for some very interesting news....several of the guys from the summer Ohi-oooo team were drafted by the major leagues this week. In fact, the guy whom he called "Rat Boy" was drafted in the early rounds. The big guy was elated. Knowing that he was as good if not better than some of these guys made his day. And so, there is optimism back in the BP mom household.

With that said, I have to calm Diva down. She is having a fit and cannot settle. Oy! Like a child.....
Gotta run!

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