Monday, April 14, 2014

A Bit Obsessive, Wouldn't You Say?

Good Monday morning! What a beautiful weekend.....finally....the sweaters came off and we began to sweat....literally.

It was BP Grandmom and Tink's birthday celebration at the house so I was busy all weekend getting ready. Family stopped by yesterday for the festivities and we had an amazing day....lots of food...too much....

I tried to make a carrot cake for the first time in my life. Equipped with a Paula Deen recipe and my new Cuisinart, I shredded the carrots, lined the cake pans, and followed the directions.  Sadly, the cake was lopsided, but edible. I even tried to make little carrots for the top of the cake with orange and green tinted frosting. Grandmom also make a sponge cake with pudding and whipped cream for Tink's birthday. All in all, I remember the cakes and nothing else. This morning, I celebrated the day after the party by having cake for breakfast. Yes, with a cup of coffee and muddled mind, this was the best way to start the week....

During the party, we had the baseball game on the computer. Yes, I paid more attention to the game than to my guests, but if you feed them, they will come. If you offer them a few 'adult beverages', they go on auto pilot. No one noticed. The food was out and drinks were abundant.

And so, how was the weekend series against a conference team? Well, they played a so-so team and won on Friday night...barely....On Saturday, pitching fell a part and no runs were scored. Sunday's game was not much better as the pitcher struggled from the beginning and did not make it out of the first inning. Then several other 'better' pitchers were sent in and were tattooed. Guess what? I just may be a baseball prophet....

As I have said to my kid over and over, wait until the team plays conference teams that are better than the teams that they have faced. Except for the Florida and California series, the team that the big guy faced and beat on Wednesday night were the best so far. Now that they are in conference, the cream rises to the top. And so, when the pitching failed, who will they call in (reluctantly) to start in future series? Who do you think?

Yeah. Mark my words.....these coaches hate to lose and love to look good. Not good...they love to look like they are the next Joe Torre....Therefore, even if the big kid does not start this upcoming weekend, which would be a major mistake, he will be on the mound by the end of April......

How do I know this? I just do. First, he has the talent. Second, he is nuts. Last night, he sent a snap chat photo to me of his weighted balls and tools that have been banned by the coaches. The team arrived back onto campus around midnight, he took the equipment out, and went to a field to practice.

What does this say to the reader? Perhaps the guy is obsessed? Maybe he is, but while his competition sleeps, he is working out. This is the way to succeed.

All he has to do is keep up the training and confidence. But more importantly, he has to maintain his composure and not lose his patience. All good things come to those who wait.

With that said, Diva has yet another eye appointment this morning ($$$$) and I have to motivate Tink to get her ready.

Enjoy the day!

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