Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dust settles

Good frosty morning! Yesterday was a blur as I drove home as fast as I could without surpassing the speed limit. On the way home from Florida, I was apparently going too fast (71 mph in a 65 zone) and have been sent a speeding ticket. There were no cops, just a camera that clocked me and sent the $40.00 fine to the house.

Yes, the car in the photo was mine.....yes, it was me in the driver's seat eating Skittles or something unhealthy......Yes, I will pay the fine...'cause I did the crime. Therefore, I was a good girl yesterday and only ticked off one wayward trucker who let me know that I was a menace on the road with his horn. Dude, really? You cut me off!

As the dust settles, we received an update from the big kid...

I hurt all over

My toe is torn up

My back and arm hurts....

Blah  blah blah.

it is the usual pain from over exerting and having to lift the day before he threw 91 pitches. Mind you, he has not been on the mound for two weeks and was expected to perform....well...against a team that has been some of the top teams in the country. He only gave up 4 hits against a team that bats over .300. Impressive, yes?

Well the Czar has been taking credit for his turn around...which he never had, he just had an opportunity to throw and show the world what he has...which is talent.  The Czar continues to take credit for it all...mental toughness....breathing....killer attitude.....the blueness of the sky....the green grass..... the Prius....Theory of relativity.....Cole Hamels return to the Phillies....and the chocolate chip cookie recipe...boxed wine.....this guy has quite an ego.

Here is the way to look at it...If he thinks that he is this amazing coach and should be credited for success while failures are the players, then so be it. The point is to prepare, get into the game, and perform. That's it. If he wants credit....sure...give it to him....knowing that.....

he has made a major faux pas by demanding that the big kid keeps a journal. Everything has been documented. Everything....I have the copies of the journal on my hard drive. It waits....silently....until the day when the contents are revealed. Then boom! Coach....will you be bloviating then or running?

Got to go...plane to catch....


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