Friday, April 18, 2014

Listen to the fans!

Hoppy Easter! Here's hoping that Peter Rabbit leaves you a chocolate egg or two in your basket. As far as filling baskets are concerned, we have sort of moved away from it. Although, I now create more sophisticated baskets. For example, rather than receive an Easter chocolate bunny, the big guy is going to score an Easter baked ziti and large box of granola bars. Likewise, Tink will more than likely receive Easter toiletries and perfume. It is all part of the growing process. By the way, dad is still a kid and will get his Easter Hershey bars and a few boxes of Drake's Yodels.

This weekend, the team has a homestand and will play another conference team with the same win loss record. When leaving class yesterday, one of the students who writes for the paper asked him a few questions looking to glean a quote or two. As they spoke and he was very reluctant to open his mouth, the reporter mentioned that he had quite a following on campus. In fact, he has a bit of a fan club. At each question and answer session with the Coach, at least three reporters ask the coach when the big leftie is going to play. The Coach always responds: "When we can put him in a situation where he can succeed."


Let's ponder that sentence....Coach started the kid after he was dormant for three weeks against the best team on their schedule. He won the game. He was successful. Now that they are in conference play and looking to earn a play off spot, he is not good enough to pitch and the coach feels that he will not be successful. yet, the reporters do, hence his photo in just about every article published over the last two weeks.

I believe that the coach has quite an ego and refuses to let reporters tell him what to do and when to do it. However, they see what we all see. Either the coach is blind when it comes to talent OR he really dislikes the big kid 'cause he has been vocal about another coach's process of building strength and flexibility. Whatever it is, it is backfiring because the students are now screaming out for the big guy to pitch....

I remember in high school....fade to black.....

There was a basketball player who in his senior year and he never set his foot on the court during a game. Toward the end of the senior season, posters and signs were created. Students were screaming this guy's name during games. He sat. The fervor increased with each game that he sat until finally in his last game, he entered a game with one minute left. The place went wild. It was fun but looking back it was sad too. Can you imagine being on a team, working out every day, going to every practice and game and never playing for a minute? This is downright cruel, Coach.

Am I saying that the same thing will happen? Uh, I don't know. But I will tell you what, the students and fans (and momma) want this kid to pitch. Stay should be a very interesting weekend.


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