Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dedicated to the sport

Hey gang...this is a quickie....I have the insane idea of going to a yoga and Pilates class. Yeah, I want to hear my bones crack as I try to twist myself into a pretzel. I wonder if I can wear ear plugs, because I am not crazy about the sound of the joints creaking, but this is something I have to do to make it into my next decade in life.


On to the big guy....was he salty about not entering a bad game on Sunday? Uh, in a word...'yep.' Yet, there is always a silver lining to every cloud. He seems to think that he is heading for Sunday starts. I told him not to get his hopes up because the coaches do not think like rational people. Although.....

On Sunday, after listening to the game and watching the feed online, I said to dad..."he's going to start on Sundays." Again, my spidey senses are tingling and if the coaches want to win at all, they will place this monster of talent on the mound. OK, perhaps I am exaggerating, but their starting pitchers and bullpen are not holding leads. So....it would seem logical that he is the person to hand the ball to...Yet....

I said to him not to get his hopes up and focus on practice. Why? Well, although I believe that he is a starter, I do not evaluate talent. I watch a great deal, but am not a coach....So, I want him to treat each day as if he is going to play. Remember last week when he got the start? Yeah, he handled it well on the mound but vomited all morning and did not sleep that night. Perhaps this is the way all pitchers handle their starts....

Speaking of pitchers.....last night Tink and I took Big M and nephews Tuna and Leftie to a Sixers game (my neighbor works for the front office). Anyway, the Phillies were also playing across the street. On the way home after the Sixers won, the Phils were still playing, so Tink and I turned the game on to listen to as we drove past the airport....

The Phils were down by four runs and somehow were able to score enough runs to lead by 1 run at the top of the 9th. Then they sent a rookie in to close the game. he needed three outs....He walks the first batter with 4 pitches...then walks the next two batters to load the bases. OK, this guy was full of nerves. I'll betcha he vomited before he came out of the bullpen....with the bases loaded and no outs, I turned off the game and listened to the oldies.

Why did I turn it off? Well, I really felt bad for the pitcher. I don't care which team the guy plays for, what happened was pretty bad. As Buddy would say, "he is on suicide watch now." Yeah, that's right. Not only are these guys who look so big and strong bundles of nerve endings, but they have mommas at home who listen to her baby's game with her rosary in her hand too.

And so, I felt the guy's pain and knew that he would be inconsolable until he had success on the mound in the next week. Or perhaps he will be sent back to the minors. Without a doubt, all I can think of is the pitcher and not the end of the game. Crazy? Perhaps.

In a way, I have come full circle since our journey began. I no longer look at the other team as villains but as young men trying to do their best. As I watched the basketball game last night, I thought of the   countless hours of training and practice that goes with making a three point shot look effortless. It was they are supposed to do.

In other words, I watch a game now from a different perspective and appreciate the dedication that it took to make it to this level.

Now it is time for me to be dedicated and get to the Y to listen as my joints creak to the sounds of the soothing background music.

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