Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Traveling solo

Good morning! It's a beautiful day for a road trip. That's right, BPM is on the road today and traveling to her favorite state...Ohi---ooooo!

This is an unusual trip for me since I will not have my trusty companion, Tink riding shot gun. She is working today and we did not know that I was heading out until yesterday so it was to late for her to get the day off. And so, I go...alone.....

The trip should take about 6 hours and the game is located right outside of Cleveland. Why don't I fly? Great question......Here's the answer....$$$$$$$$$

That's it. I could not find a fare less than $700 which seems ridiculous to fly from Philly to Atlanta to Dallas to Cleveland...then rent a car....and so on....So it seems logical to drive since it is an easy turnpike drive.

Yesterday, the big kid was sent a text..."you're pitching on Tuesday. get ready." That's it. A text....nice. Next time, he can find out via post it note. Either way, the communication still stinks.

Am I nervous about the drive? Naw. Been there...done that....I kind of wish that Tink was going, 'cause she is the greatest travel companion.

It goes like this:

Hey Tink...want to stop for Skittles?


Hey Tink, can you grab my chap stick?


Hey Tink, can you open my water bottle?


hey Tink, want Chick fil et for dinner?


Hey Tink, got any granola bars in that bag?


And so on....

Yep, I'll miss my little companion who keeps me enamored by  her tales of the supermarket. "Do you know how you tell if an avocado is ripe?" Yes, not only is she a good traveling buddy, but she also teaches me about produce. And so, I will open my own water bottle, keep the chap stick handy, and have the Skittles close to the driver's seat.

Back to the big guy, I will be in the stands to cheer him on. Sadly, I looked up the opposing team and they are quite good. Really good. And so, he is tested tonight again. No worries. This is what he is living for...the ball...the mound....a team backing him.....deep breath....throw....


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