Sunday, April 6, 2014

Be strong

Week three and he is still not on the mound. Last night's conversation was salty as its best. He hung up on me. Here is the issue. They are playing bad teams but barely beating them giving the coaches a false sense of bravado. In fact, the line ups that they use are working...but against terrible teams.

And so, they leave the big leftie on the bench to sulk and call home angrily after each game....

"I'm walking..."

I'm going home...."

"I'm out of here...."

"I will have my revenge...."

As I try to make sense of nonsense, I continue my mantra...'talk to the coach....tell him how you feel.....ask him for his plan for you.....'

The kid's trouble is with his shyness and respect for authority, and he has trouble with confrontation.  He talks a good game with his folks, but cannot confront. He shies away from conflict. Oy. By the way, who likes conflict? After the coaches have screamed at him, I would send in Robert Shapiro or Michelle Obama in for me......

Ok, this is common. Being afraid to confront someone is like giving a speech before an audience. It is %$#(& hard. And so, he must strap on his big boy pants and speak with the almighty to determine where he stands. In fact, he must know to plan for next year. If he is not in the coaches' plans, he has to find another home, with the help of the pitching doctor. It could be anywhere in the US, but he has to plan for the future.

And so, my son, deep breath....write your speech for when you speak to the coach. Do not waiver from your perspective. Stand up for your self in a respectful way. Find out what you need to know. Accept the fact that your fate lies in your hands for next year. Be strong. You are a winner. I believe in you.

Go. Make it happen, Champ!

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