Friday, April 4, 2014

Stomach pains

Howdy! It's wet....raw....damp....a typical April spring day.

Yesterday, I heard from the big kid who was in the airport. "Ma, what can I do for stomach pains?"

Sigh....great....I betcha a buck that he is going to be put on the mound this weekend with his stomach pains. Does life ever get simpler? Naw.

"OK, find a store. Buy Tums. Let me know how they work."

"Found them...I took four. I feel better."

Four! Dude, take 1. OK, just one! What are you trying to do?

AS we continued to chat, he had convinced me to watch the Jeremy Lin story on Netflix, which I did. Here is a guy that my kid relates an Asian, he was overlooked despite his talent. No, the big leftie is not Asian, however, he has been overlooked a number of times.

During the movie, Lin was not recruited despite being player of the year in California winning the state championship. He landed up at Harvard, the only place to recruit him with his perfect math SAT scores, broke records, was amazing, and not drafted by any professional team. After he watched the entire draft, only to see that he was not included, Houston invited him to play on their "D" team. He was again amazing, yet again....cut....then he signed with Golden State...sent to their D team...cut....signed with Houston....cut.....then New York signed him. He did not even get into practices as he watched from the sidelines. Once he finally got into a game, he was terrible....again, he was placed in a game....awful. He asked the coach if he should ship his car from California who replied: "probably not...". He slept on his brother's sofa as well as another team mates love seat. He had one more chance and knew that he would be cut if he did not play well. The rest is history. The guy had a career season, left the Knicks and signed with Houston for $25 million for three years.

Why does my kid follow "Linsanity?" "cause he can relate to being either cut or overlooked. He sees guys who are drunk the night before games placed on the mound and under performing. He sits and watches, breathes, and waits.

Now that the top left handed pitcher has been cut from the team, he moves up. With his stomach pains, I have a sneaky feeling that he is going to get into a game this weekend. I only hope that his stomach problems disappear before he appears in a game. Otherwise.....OY! I don't even want to think about it.

With that said, I have my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed and am hoping for the best. Go big guy!


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