Saturday, April 5, 2014

Double header

Good afternoon! The sun is out...that's it....windy....I finally picked up pansies from Home Depot for the buckets in front of the house. Usually, I plant them on the first day of spring, but this year, I did not want to watch the pansies' little faces die in the chill of the northeast, so I I plant...

On to the Midwest... Last night's game was rained out. Today marks a double header and more angst for the big kid. Last night he texted me and shared that the leftie from California who does not have much of an arm is the new Friday starter. Mind you, this kid has not traveled with the team for a number of years because he was so low on the depth chart. The coaches never bought him a ticket. Today, he starts....

Is this a (*^S^ U to my kid? Nope, I believe the coach feels that he can judge talent. And so, California kid starts, much to my son's chagrin.

OK, on to something else that I want to get off my chest. I realize as I type that I may seem like an uninformed mother who thinks that her kid is the best of the best....the sun, not the moon....But this is not the case. I see the injustice, can read the statistics, listen to the kid's reports, and do feel that he is low man because of his passion for another coach's pitching model. Remember, he went to the pitching doctor to improve his delivery so that he could help his team not sit on the bench like a rumpled bag of half eaten sunflower seeds. Therefore, either they sit the kid on the bench, cut him, or make his life so miserable that he quits.

Quitting is not a chapter in our book of life, but he has said on a number of times that he was walking...but he won't...he just has to say it. Dad and I have no words to help him. Although last night, I texted to him that 'faith moves mountains...' including a coach's hard heart. So, we wait...breathe....think....become more engaging...throw the ball like a beast....and take advantage of a future opportunity.

I cannot believe that they are going to let him be a permanent bench fixture, although I am not in charge. What do I know?

Ok, here is what I know....he is talented and about to break through. he just needs a break and an  opportunity to throw. With the conference games, there is definitely a talent mismatch. Therefore, I am hoping that he is sent in when the other pitchers have been sent to the showers. yes, he will be the last one in, but once he is there, his fast ball will cause such a breeze that he will no longer be ignored.

With that said, I have to prepare for a double header.....Peace!

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