Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Day After Glow

Good sniffly morning....the eyes, nose, and mouth are swollen from allergies. Finally, we have some amazing weather and I can neither see it through the teary eyes nor hear the songs of the birds through my fluid blocked ears.  Doesn't that sound 'oh so sweet?'

Anyway, with my box of tissues sitting next to me on the sofa, let's review the last 48 hours.....

The kid finally had his number called. My spidey senses tell me that he started because the coaches were out of arms and it made sense to sacrifice the last guy off the bench. Don't share my theory with anyone, OK?

The big lefty goes into an impossible situation and makes the coaches and fans much so, that when the coach was interviewed after the game (it was posted on You tube), he basically gave the kid credit because he now buys into his philosophy of breathing....OK, gang, let's go with this theory of controlling your breath.

In way, he is right. Huh? What am I saying? Yeah. I am going to give him props....because.....

My kid has a heightened sense of urgency on the mound. In other words, he is so excited about being there that he throws without pausing. The catcher will toss the ball back and before he has a chance to squat for the next pitch, the kid fires another shot.

I noticed on Tuesday night, that after each pitch, Big Red had a chance to go back to the batter's box and actually squat and throw a few signals back to the mound. In fact, the pitcher looked like he was pacing the game at a slower rate. So, indeed, he had clearly altered his game.

According to Big Girl, whenever the coach says to do something....the player says 'yes coach' and does it. To not follow directions is clearly mutiny and coaches' egos do not like players who know or think that they know better. These are the guys who sit or are cut.

Speaking of cut...LW stopped by the locker room to apologize to the team. Is this the last that they see him? No one knows. Although he is the captain of his own demise, I still feel for him. After all, as I said to my son, he is a human being and deserves some compassion.

On to last night...the kid finally felt like he could breathe and relax and hit the bars with his posse. As he walked into one place, two guys walked up to him and complimented him on the game. His response was embarrassment. do know that this is inevitable, right?

After all, after the coach, the pitcher has the highest profile on the team. The team wins and loses with the guy on the mound.  Therefore, humbly accept the praise today, 'cause tomorrow, you have no idea what is going to happen.

With that said, my laptop is about to my nose....

Have a great day!

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