Thursday, February 17, 2011

Floridaaaahhhh! is so unpredictable. Yesterday I swore that I was going to meet the family at the shore and watch as they jumped into the frigid Atlantic. In a way, I am sorry that I am going to miss it. However, about 4:30p, I got the text message to pack the sunscreen, we're headed to Florida....with that said, I also got a call from a particular baseball player who claimed that he did not have the right clothes to travel and that his suitcase was too small. Again...this is not in the parenting manual.....Nevertheless, I left this one to him to figure out....By the way, I found his Visa card (actually it is mine) partially melted in the dryer last month, so he is going to have to use cash or debit to buy a pair of khakis today. He never mentioned to me that he was missing the card. I am still waiting for the frantic call to me as he exclaims that someone has stolen his Visa card....I am waiting. I may frame the melted card and send it to him as a memento to place on his shelf as a reminder that plastic can and will melt at the right temperature.

Tink and I made our 8 am flight to Florida. As we pulled away from the gate, the plane stopped and the captain explained that we had electrical difficulties. I may not be the brightest person, but when a plane stops moving with the explanation of electrical issues, I immediately wonder if I am going to be on the lead story on the evening news. It seems that the mechanics were able to fix the problem according to the captain as we finally headed to the runway. As far as I was concerned, only time was going to tell me that he was right. As we sat and waited for the plane to be fixed, I closed my eyes and listened to the chatter. It is President's weekend....a long are off from school for 4 days and where do they go??? Florida, of course! Needless to say, the plane was full of kids on their way to see Mickey and an electrical shortage was not planned for by their parents. It became ugly very quickly yet the little girl next to me was a cutie and well behaved....the ones in the front were another story....I traveled with young children and it was not easy...kudos to the parents who are just beginning their journeys.

Tomorrow is the big day.....Buddy's introduction to D-1.....the team arrives tonight around 1 am....I am leaving a do not disturb sign on my door.....More news after the game....;-)

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