Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We're back

It is a chilly day in the Northeast. I actually do not miss Florida at all. My last memory was not the most pleasant as I struggled with food poisoning or a flu. I am not sure what it was, but the microscopic germ was very powerful and knocked me off my feet. No more information about this one...going to keep it close to the vest, so let's talk about baseball.

I have a new respect for my son. He basically has two full time jobs, school and baseball. He had his books and laptop with him and was writing a paper in the hotel room and had to submit it by Saturday night. The professors do not let up on the students (nor should they). He has to abide by the standards and keep his grades up if he wants to stay eligible.

His second full time job, baseball, can be overwhelming. Practices, meetings, workouts, weights, throwing, etc are scheduled every day. The game on Saturday was scheduled for 1 pm. They had a 6:45 am breakfast and meeting and had to leave for the field by 9:30. The team worked out for 2 hours before the game and had a quick Quizznos lunch. Whether he plays or not, he has the pre game workout. He actually could be working out just to sit in the bull pen for the entire game. After the game, they had free time until 9 pm when they had stretching in the pool until 10p and an 11:30pm lights out. It was like this all weekend.

After Monday afternoon's game, the team flew home to an airport 3 hours away from campus since the university is located in a remote section of the state. The flight was delayed for a bit due to weather around the country. The plane landed during a snow storm, the team got onto the bus, and arrived back at their dorm rooms at 4:30 am. Buddy had a 9am class that he could not miss. It looks like this type of travel may become the norm as weather will impact the plans.

All in all, it was a good start. After opening the season with the 4 weekend games, my impression is that they are a fairly good team. Not great...not bad....above average. So, it should be a very interesting season, win or lose. Buddy has to stay on course, focus on his passion, and be patient. It is a long long season (50+ games). He will get into his fair share of games.

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