Friday, February 25, 2011

Rain, Snow, Wind

Good Morning....the weather is wet and dreary. Soon, it will be time to leave the cocoon and enter the real world. Got to remember the boots and raincoat. No umbrella will be necessary today since the winds will gust up to 60 mph. It's been a wild weather week with temperatures hitting the 60's, 4 inches of snow and up to 5 inches of rain.

With that said, Buddy travels today for a weekend in Kentucky. The bus leaves campus around 2:30p. It looks like it will be a 10 hour drive (minimum). The preconceived thoughts that these D-1 athletes fly around the country has turned out to be false...wrong...not true. Frankly, I am a bit shocked that they are making this trip by bus, yet I guess budgets only have so much money for travel.

Buddy is not really sure that he is on the travel list for this weekend. He has yet to be told that he is going conversely he has not been told that he is staying on campus...quandary... what to do? As I listened to his conversation with his dad last night, I thought with a tad bit of sarcasm..."ask the coach..." Apparently, that was not the right thing to suggest....Buddy does not want to come across as unintelligent. He wants to appear confident with body language that screams "sure, I am going....aren't you?" His ultimate diabolical plan is to find another player to ask the coaches who will be traveling this weekend. However, based on what he already said, it looks like he will be on the bus playing license plate bingo, 20 questions, and 'I spy'.

If he had not gone, our plan was to travel to campus on Sunday to celebrate his birthday. Since he will not be there, I have had to amend the plan. It looks like I am going to be running today to find some gifts to send to him. Perhaps I can send a cake in the mail. Tink and I will see him next weekend and we can celebrate when he free.

Tomorrow, the team plays a double header with the final game on Sunday afternoon. After the game, the players board the bus and hit the turnpikes. I can actually watch a virtual game online. Sadly, I have to work but I can still check in on the game during breaks. When the local professional baseball team was in the playoffs, I had to teach in the evening. The students were not happy about being in class and not in front of their televisions, so I turned the game on through the computer and projected it onto the screen. Did it get in the way of the class? Sure, but it was better than having to look at the class with their heads down texting or watching the game on the cell phones. Whenever something would happen, they would scream, tell me to stop talking, and turn around....then we cheered and went back to was actually a lot of fun...

So, tomorrow, let's keep our fingers crossed that Buddy will be called into at least one of the games from the bullpen.... 'cause Bullpen Mom will be watching.....

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