Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well, it was bound to happen some time. Tink passed her driver's test. It has been a long road and I decided while I sat at the DMV for 2.5 hours, that I have great respect for the people who work there. Besides sitting in cars with inexperienced drivers...the numbers of angry people who either work there or go through the office in an attempt to renew their license or take an exam are frightening. No one seems happy except the gentleman named Joe who finally passed Tink. Thanks Joe...(I think).

Today I should be packing and running errands for Florida, but as of this note, we still do not know if Buddy is making the trip. The coaches have not announced the roster despite the fact that the team leaves tomorrow afternoon. Apparently, Buddy will know after a 6:30 pm meeting tonight and thanks to modern technology and his prowess for texting, we will know at 6:31p.

The ethical dilemma of whether to fly to Florida without Buddy has been resolved. Tink and I will not go without him and stay home. I can get a credit for the airfare but I am not sure about the hotel since we may cancel in less than 24 hours from arrival. Therefore, we may have to pay for one night's lodging. I also have to cancel the rented care. Oh well...

So, I do have alternative plans for the weekend. There is a polar bear plunge at the shore and I think that I want to attend. Will I plunge in? The answer to that question is an unequivocal "no"..."Nada"..."no way"....and... "are you crazy?".....

There you have it....the two extremes...on the one hand, we can go to the glorious sunshine and warmth of Florida....on the other hand, we stay in the cold northeast and watch the crazy, drunken swimmers dive into the frigid Atlantic Ocean....where would you rather be?

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