Saturday, February 5, 2011

Plastic bags: A fashion statement?

It's an icy morning (again). The driveway is slick and dangerous. It's time to consider relocating or a trip south where wearing boots is fashionable as opposed to a necessity. My Timberland boots sit by the door waiting for me to run my errands. They have become my most important piece of clothing this year.
Back in college, I could not afford to buy waterproof boots. All my money went to tuition and books. However, I had to make the trek across campus in the rain and snow to get from class to class. My shoes and feet would be soaked by the time I made it to the next building. The rest of the day, I would sit with frozen, wet feet trying to focus on the teacher and class content. My mind would wander as I would think about how I could prevent this annual wet and frozen toes fiasco from continuing and ruining my day....until I had an amazing idea that I will share with my readers...plastic bags! Yes, I would wrap my feet and socks in plastic bags before going to school. I used bread bags. The plastic kept my feet dry and comfortable throughout the day. Although the shoes were wet, my feet were dry....It was a brilliant & inexpensive this day, I remember my college days, frozen feet, and plastic bread bags and making the most out of a frigid situation.....My classmates laughed at me when they heard my feet crackling from the bags every time I moved them...but after a few days, more of the students began to wear the bags...I was a bit of a Michael Kors for the coeds in my day....For those who want to use the bags.....Sunbeam bread bags were the best....

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