Saturday, February 19, 2011

Merlot Moments (MM)

Today is the Polar Bear Plunge...good luck to the sibs and relatives and friends who are really going to plunge into the water. Psychiatric evaluations are going to be done after they recover from pneumonia.....

Yesterday we started to use a new phrase "Merlot moments...." MMs are situations that we find ourselves in where we desire a Merlot or something much stronger at that moment. For example, yesterday we were lost looking for the stadium, I turned left (just as the navigator suggested) onto a one way street. Horrifically, it was the wrong way....MM number one.

MM number two was a similar situation when I made a wrong turn when I turned left onto the right turn lane rather than in the correct lane. The driver to my right just stared at us as we navigated to the correct lane. Fortunately there were no accidents, just a few more gray hairs and our MM.

It seems that the MMs occur when I am driving the rental. The car is tiny and has no pick up. So, we are driving in what I consider a roller skate with an engine...feeling like Spanky and Alfalfa when they built their racing car out of used lumber, rope, and their mother's stroller wheels. Then they would push the car to the top of a big hill and start the race against their nemesis Butch. While racing down the hill to win the heart of the beloved Darla, all kinds of mayhem would erupt. As always, Alfalfa wins the race and Butch's car ends up in a stream of water....This weekend, Tink and I are Spanky and Alfalfa...there is no Darla....just a race to find the stadium to sit and watch Buddy in the dugout....a perfect day....that will actually end with a Merlot.

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