Friday, February 11, 2011


Good Morning,
I have only a few minutes to write, so this should be a short one OR I will be very very late for my appointment. First, it's Buddy's dad's birthday. Happy Birthday! He is going to work ('natch), eat pizza for lunch, work some more, come home and eat 'something wonderful' for dinner. Not sure what that 'something wonderful' is going to be since he will have already had pizza and we always have pizza for Friday dinner. Perhaps, if I add a topping or two to it, he won't notice that he ate it twice in one day....

Tink and I are leaving in less than a week for Florida to watch Buddy's inaugural D1 games. I have to get my signature baseball tote bag ready to pack. The tote is a medium size bag with enough room to add bug spray, suntan lotion, 2 bottled waters, granola bars, gum (sugarless), a few dollars, some change, a magazine, iPod, and Off's bug fan. The bug fan actually works. I highly recommend it for the muggy, mosquito filled nights sitting by the diamond watching your son sit on the bench. The iPod helps to distract a person during the long games. Billy Joel, some classical music, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Springsteen, etc often sit with me in the bleachers.

There is one more item that I have to purchase this new lucky sneakers. The lucky sneakers are legend in my family. It all started in college when I wore a pair of pumas until there was no more leather around the toes and heels. The holes were in strategic locations and I knew how to dodge puddles and not get the feet wet. I held onto the lucky pumas for 20 years. I wore them during certification exams and graduate school tests, which I passed with the assistance of the lucky pumas. Sadly, like all treasured shoes, the lucky pumas ran out of leather and I had to leave them on the shelf in the garage. They sat there year after year looking battered and forlorn. These shoes were then replaced by lucky polos then lucky keds.

The lucky keds ran their string of luck out last year during the playoffs when Tink had me take them off when the team was losing their final game. The writing was on the wall, the lucky keds were no longer lucky and needed to be replaced. So, here is my quandary...what do I replace the lucky keds with? I have to go shopping tomorrow and search for a new pair to bring to Florida. I have no idea what to buy, but I will know when I see them.

Have a great day!

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