Friday, February 18, 2011

Game 1

Today was Buddy's first college game in Florida. I am not sure if Buddy and the team were ready, but Tink and I were prepared. We both wore our lucky sneakers....double luck....the team's secret weapons....

This morning's game was at a Blue Jays facility (I think). It was situated next to the bay and very pretty. I could tell that we had moved up in the world as there are no longer port-o-pottys along the outfield for spectators to use, but actual restrooms with running water. From that point on, I did not need anything else. I was very happy.

Tink and I sat with the 10 other parents behind the team's dugout. I did see Buddy looking for us and we waved and waved and waved with no response. Hmmmm...perhaps he needs his eyes checked again. With that said, I took about 20 photos with my new fancy zoom camera. Unfortunately, all of the pictures are of Buddy's back and his number. On the bright side, the uniform photographs well and was not wrinkled or dirty.

As we sat in the bleachers with the blue sky and gentle breezes, I began to question my sanity. Why do I live in a region that has snow on the ground for months at a time? Each time that it snows, we have to shovel the driveway and walk as well as places on the lawn for the dog to use. It seems that the dog is more of a diva than anyone I know.

Back to the game....the team played fairly well for a group that had 5 hours of sleep. It took 3 hours to finish, but the team prevailed even after the pitchers hit 6 players and had 3 errors in the last inning. Somehow, they pulled it out. Buddy did not play, but he was on the field a few times after the team scored.

All in all, it was a wonderful day...picture different from last year when he played every inning. Now we have to be patient and wait for his first one knows when or where.... it could be tomorrow or next week.....time will tell

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