Saturday, February 26, 2011


I am writing this note a bit late in the day for a number of reasons. First, I had to work so that superseded my this blog. Second, the team had a double header today therefore I wanted to wait until the games were over so that I could share an it goes....

The team arrived in Kentucky last night at 10:30 p despite the bus breaking down twice along the way adding to 9 hour journey. I did not communicate with Buddy today but was able to follow the game online. The team won the first game by 6 runs. Sadly, they only used three pitchers. They lost the second game (in 30 degree weather) by 3 runs. Again, only four pitchers played. Buddy did not play at all but watched from the bullpen.

Tomorrow, they have a 12 p game then return to campus. I will keep my fingers crossed that he gets into the game. I can imagine his frustration as he sits on the bench. Intellectually, he knows that he is a freshman and has a few lessons to learn, but all he wants to do is pitch and play ball. He is not accustomed to sitting, so he is learning patience. I am sure that the coaches have a plan for him, otherwise, why would they bring him on these trips? It's hard to tell someone who practices hard and lives to play that he will see the field in time.

There is no glamour here....just a few pitchers who are competing to get a shot on the field. So, as the bus drops the kids off around 2 am on Monday morning just a few hours before the start of their first class, keep in mind that they may have spent 20+ hours on the road and sat in a frigid dug out for 12+ hours, and ate at a Quizznos or Subway....a guy has got to want this lifestyle with a passion to willingly spend his weekends like this.....

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