Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have good news and bad news. The good news is: today Tink takes her driver's test.....the bad news is: Tink takes her driver's test. I tried to postpone this event yesterday to allow her more time to practice to no avail. You need more than 24 hours notice, so, we're stuck. Tink is a pretty good driver, although she has a very difficult time parallel parking. This has been her downfall. I have done everything in my power to teach her how to pull backwards (short of developing a PowerPoint presentation with visuals) and land safely in a space. I even brought in guest speakers such as her dad, brother, and Grandpop and Grandmom (during the daylight...no night parallel parking for her). Grandpop was a surprise guest. I figured that he taught 6 kids how to parallel park, has driven all over the city...why not Tink? Well, this experiment failed greatly when she was more confused than ever. Tink is a great optimist, so perhaps today is her day. And if she passes, she will have cake and a special dinner. If she fails, she will have cake and a special dinner for trying. Sometimes, we have to celebrate the journey rather than the results. By the way, this will be a test for the new lucky sneakers...I will definitely wear them.

Got a call from Buddy yesterday. He thanked me for the gift box filled with goodies that only he would appreciate such as suntan lotion, travel toothbrush, granola bars, multiple packages of gum, and facial cleanser and Skittles. He mentioned that the coaches have not announced who would travel to Florida yet. So, Tink's and my airplane tickets are ready to go, yet he might not go.....
Here is the dilemma, do Tink and I go anyway? I would LOVE a trip to Florida to get out of the cold and away for a few days. But would that be crass? Do I even have to tell him? I can still call and text him from Florida, I just won't let him know where I am....I will stay away from the beach, pools and tiki bars so there is no background noise when I speak to him. Would this be a rotten thing to do or would he applaud our little vacation? What would June Cleaver do if the Beaver did not make the travel team to spring training? Would Ward tell her to go anyway? What about Wally....would he join June and leave the Beav behind? This was not covered in the parenting manual.

Time for the driver's test....fingers crossed.....

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