Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A break up

It's a rainy day in the northeast. I could be depressed, but the memory of the past five gorgeous days remains with me as I let my mind wander to the gorgeous skies and gentle breezes....hmmm...OK, now I am back and have to post before I head into the office. It's time to break out the Gap rain boots which in theory are great. No water penetrates the plaid plastic however no air circulates either. My feet feel like they are in an oven with no chance to breathe as they bake, sweat and are wet from perspiration as opposed to the puddles. This is a no win boot....and so it least I am no longer in college with the plastic Stroehman bread bags on my feet trying to stay dry for 8 hours as I run from class to class in the rain.

Speaking of college, there is always news on Buddy and Tink front. Tink took another math test this week. We eagerly await the results. Buddy is studying with his tutor for his criminology test (his former favorite class until he got the first grade back) and math quiz. He can't believe that there are no breaks from the work in college. Imagine? No breaks from studying, taking tests, attending classes, and writing papers....I will have to ask for my tuition money back. I am obviously getting too much for my money. If I pay less, perhaps he will not have to take so many tests. I will check with the Bursar.

We spoke this morning about his training session. He is complaining about a "knot" in his shoulder...yes, the left, I don't know what a knot means. Is it a blood clot, muscular tension or strain, new muscle or what? Why he complains to me when he has an entire state of the art medical system at his fingertips, I will never know. He has access to trainers, doctors, masseuses, physical therapists, and counselors. Who does he complain to? Yep, you got it right...BP mom. What does BP mom say? "Go to the trainer!" Yeah, yeah,

The morning conversation continues. He obviously could not reach his dad by phone, so I sat in my chair with my coffee and had a lovely chat with the Big Kid. It looks like Option 3 is the winner of next year's living arrangement with Dog, California, and an unnamed player to be announced. He has actually done his homework this year and therefore is making an educated decision. For new readers, please refer to older posts for some of his now famous decisions.....all supported by the sentence: "Mom, I can handle it...."

The winning location of the Buddy's new apartment is: (drum roll, please)...the apartment over Dunkin Donuts!!!! Fireworks, balloons, and applause please! Did BP mom call this one right or what? All I can say is that momma knows her son....BP mom DD stock now...the baseball team has a new hang out....

As I mentioned, the plan is that our leftie is going to live with Dog and California.
However, California has received a number of letters from major league teams and he is eligible for the draft this summer. If drafted, he will go...not just go....He will take any luggage...just his glove and cleats and leave Buddy and Dog in his dust. Therefore they need a plan B and C 'cause BP mom is not going to fund their addiction to DD alone. We need two more players or kids to live in this apartment. Therefore, Buddy will chat with the pitching coach to determine whether a junior college kid is coming to campus and in need of a place to live AND he wants to ask a high school friend to join in the craziness. I know this kid and his mom well and I approve :-)

What is going to happen to Angel, Big Red, and Lone Wolf? The break up conversations and results will be covered in future posts. Let's just say that there will be fireworks, a parade, and some shouting, sharp objects, and hurt feelings. More to come...stay tuned!

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