Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cupcake Power

Good morning. I have an early meeting, so this will be a quick one....On Sunday, we traveled and watched the baseball scrimmage. My favorite outfielder, Angel was competing for a starting position and struggling with his hitting. After he popped up to his best friend and room mate, Buddy, he stayed at the field long after the other guys left for dinner.

He was so late that after dinner we stopped by the locker room to pick up papers that Buddy had left (thank goodness his head is attached to his neck) and we found him in the batting cages. Swing, swing, swing and so on and on and on....While driving the guys back to the apartment which conveniently is located (not) miles from the stadium, he voiced his sadness about his performance. Dad and I listened and could not offer any lame advice like "all things pass"...."There is a time and place..." ..."hang in there" and so on.... All I could do is hand him a homemade chocolate stuffed cupcake and we were on our way.

Last night Buddy called....he pitched and faced 4 batters. Sadly, he walked Big Red, but got out of the inning with ease. LW struggled again and it was everyone else's fault including the sunset and lights on the field. Over to Angel...he hit a single, double, walked and lined out. Was it magic? A change in batting stance? new glasses? power of positive thinking? Visual imagery? What could it have been? According to Buddy and Angel...it was the homemade cupcakes. Yes, folks...the power of a double chocolate mound of cake filled delectably with frosting and covered with chocolate ganache. So, when you are in a batting slump, BP mom's chocolate cupcakes will do the trick...they are filled with magic, love, and self confidence.

Have a great day!

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