Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flaming shots

A windy day in the northeast and I finally took the dreaded certification exam that was to be completed in four hours in less than two hours this morning. After studying and worrying a bit, my dad called last night and said a prayer for me. How can I not pass now? Bedsides, I used Sparky's theory of test taking and a few times when I really did not know the answer, I chose "c". Sparky, this is a true test of the validity of this theory.

While studying, I had to compartmentalize issues that were emerging in Buddy's apartment. With Angel feeling like he let the world down when he was sort-of arrested (really only cited) for underage drinking, Buddy had to work his counseling skills on helping the poor kid get over the fact that he perceives that he let down his friends, family, team, university, state, country, and Creator with one mistake. Goodness, at least he wasn't driving! With that said, he still loses his license yet he is punishing himself by staying in this weekend and not attending the homecoming football game or any parties. His citation would have been expunged if he told the authorities where he got the liquor. He would not "squeal" and therefore is paying the price.

On the other hand, Buddy went to a concert last night and sat in the front row (how did this happen? I had to rummage at the bottom of my purse for loose change to buy a cup of coffee and he is in the front row of a concert...). Anyway, he also decided to skip the homecoming game to study and do his homework. Tomorrow is a scrimmage double header and he is going to pitch. So, his time to complete assignments has been limited by the added game. Further, now that he has bonded with his new mentor (the sorority girl was fired), he is more organized and confident.

Now, on to the matter that I have had to place in the back of my mind for the past twelve hours. It's none of my business how a person chooses to parent a child unless it affects my children. For example, when Buddy was in high school, he went to a new friend's house. I did not know the family at all and wanted to meet them and ask a few questions. At that time, there was a situation in our region of a teenager who was left home with his older sister. They had a big party, found the father's gun, and he shot and killed his best friend. This story and its proximity to us hit me as a parent. So, I asked the new friend's mother if they had a gun and if was locked up. Yes, they had a gun and it was locked up and she would be home for the evening. "Ok" I said, "I will drop the kid off." To this day, she shares that story with anyone who will listen. As far as I am concerned, it is no joke. Additionally, I would ask the same question and hope that any other parent would have asked the same of me if they did not know our family.

And so, that is a case in which I stuck my nose into someone's business in order to protect one of my children. There certainly are other instances, but I will save them for the future. As you know, LW has had a tough fall and is in need of support and counseling. From my perspective, three hours away, he is falling apart. Therefore, his parents have decided to give him material things to make him feel better such as new clothes, food, and video games. However, this week, they decided to be creative and break the law. To boost the young lad's disposition, they dropped off three cases of beer and a bottle of Captain Morgan rum. Let's review...the kids are 19 years old. Angel, a good kid, was picked up for underage drinking which is against the law, the last time that I checked, and LW's parents decide to show love and support through booze. Ya' know, alcohol is a depressant, right?

Yes, I remember clearly when I failed my first college composition and Grandpop and I went bar hopping and hoisted flaming shots to help me to get over my disappointment. In fact, he paid for them and we stayed out all night....Oh, I am sorry...that never happened.....

Back to LW and his supply of booze...I am not too worried about it, since the kid has trouble sharing....remember the Oreos and the apple juice? My senses tell me that LW is going to hold on tight to his brew and may not have a party. With Angel and Buddy on the sobriety bus, he is going to be drinking alone, 'cause Lord knows, he won't share with Big Red.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, this is a tale of parents and how they tend to their teen's needs by breaking the law. I am appalled, angry, and a bit peeved. I am not sure what to do about it and have to think clearly. Therefore, I will strap on my lucky sneakers and head north into the mountains tomorrow and consider having a conversation with all of them. In the meantime, I too am going to bring something to the apartment....Buddy and Big Red's favorite chocolate stuffed cupcakes...pure liquor....

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