Monday, October 10, 2011

A very peaceful weekend!

We are having great weather in the northeast. I cannot believe that we will hit 85 degrees in October. I have to go outside before the weather turns rainy, snowy, raw and damp for Halloween. Pumpkins and scarecrows are adorning lawns and the leaves on the trees are turning a beautiful shade of red. Life is good...Tink and I went with family yesterday to celebrate cousin Songbird's imminent nuptials to her soul mate. It is a wonderful couple to watch as they are in love with a capital "L". They are going to marry in Ecuador and have a reception in the states next year...until then...Vaya Con Dios!

With the great weather, the college team was able to have their usual Sunday scrimmage. Many of the players struggled...could it be a physical let down from the previous day's football game and activities? One of Buddy's friends could not pitch out of an inning. It looks grim for him. He may not make the roster this year. LW gave up 3 walks and 6 runs in 4 innings. Buddy worked two innings and had 2 strike outs, no walks, 6 batters up and 6 batters down. Then he was pulled out. Coach proclaimed that he was "back!" This means that his fast ball, slider, and curve ball were effective. In fact, according to Coach, he has not pitched that well since May's playoffs.

Dad has a theory about Buddy's recent surge in his abilities. He feels that the summer did nothing but cause him to regress. There were no regular work outs, routines, or coaching sessions. Buddy's free time was spent in his room watching Netflix and vegetating. Once fall ball began, he had his routine back. It took 4 weeks to regain his previous form, but now that he has it back, he will not let it go. Whew! I think a celebration is required. Time to head back to campus and take the kid out for a steak on Sunday. Hopefully this weather will hold up.

On to the household drama of the weekend. Buddy called last night. it seems Angel wants to call us and apologize for ruining our weekend. I don't recall this weekend being wrecked. In fact, I loved it...I worked, saw family friends, and did not have a midnight wake up call about some crazy college drama. In other words, it was peaceful. Dad told him that our weekend was fine and Angel is a good need for apologetic phone calls.

On the other hand, LW's family showed up, dropped lil bro off for the weekend and brought LW some video games and new clothes. Then they took off to party with friends. LW was out and left lil bro at the mercy of Buddy, Angel and Big Red. In other words, he hid in LW's room. They never mentioned the previous week's drama and note, and so it goes...this is the difference....Angel was mortified with his behavior and sought apologies...LW and his crew are oblivious. And so it goes...and goes...and goes.....

Got to go...have to study and work today. Enjoy the great autumn weather!

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