Thursday, October 6, 2011


The big history test is over and Buddy and 300 classmate's fate rests in his "Birkenstock, hairy armpit, nose ring, pink haired" teacher's assistant. If she is in a good mood, he got a 100. If she is in her typical foul mood, then he is doomed. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she did not have a fight with her room mates yesterday. By the way, I am all for a big curve in this course.

He feels a bit stronger since he was kicked out of practice for two days. He is delighted with this state of events. Last night he had a paper due at midnight that he was starting at 4 pm. Can anyone spell procrastinate? He narrowed down the topic to 'women who are opposed' OR 'money can't buy you happiness.' This one made me laugh...let's think here...he is not a woman, he doesn't know any that are oppressed, therefore he has nothing to go on to write 900 words. On the other hand, after attending two mega bucks private schools with peers who were given sports cars for passing a spelling test, he knows something about money and how it does not bring a person joy. I actually had to talk him out of writing about the women. Perhaps the streptococcus has affected his brain.

Fall ball is over in 10 days and he is looking forward to spending more time with his friends rather than playing in scrimmages. He is placed in for two-three innings each weekend and commands the radar gun when he is not sitting in his bullpen. Boredom has set in and he is ready to focus on school and training. Guys are going to be cut next week and they are getting nervous. Buddy is safe and he knows it, so the tension that he had last year is not present. However, he understands the panic in the other guy's faces. Each year, the team has walk-on try outs then they cut the roster to the league standard. Last month, two players who had been cut last year were arrested for assault and battery. Once again, you add big guys, too much drinking, and rowdy behavior and you can find yourself waking up in the pokey the next day.

And so it goes.....I am off to work a 12 hour day today. I think that Thursdays are not my favorite day of the week, but I could be wrong. Fortunately, I am not oppressed, have a job, and have tools to work the system as opposed to the women who don't...perhaps I should introduce my son to one so that he can write that essay next time....have a good day!

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