Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Life has calmed down a bit this week as Buddy reported that he has tendonitis in his left shoulder now that fall ball is over. As I recall, Chase Utley had it in his knee and he was out for a few months. Who knows how long Buddy will feel the discomfort. As a person who has regular bouts of tendonitis, I know that it can be a literal "pain in the joint!"

As I offer my mom-isms to him such as "have you been seen by a doctor? trainer? shaman?" His replies are generally short and something like "I got this one covered..." OK, Einstein, copy that....

And so, here is my official diagnosis and treatment....The kid has tendonitis due to faulty training techniques and possible overuse. Treatment includes ice, motrin, rest, and perhaps some massage and some physical therapy....But no one asks me, so I will keep this information to myself (for the time being)

How can he be expected to close games in the bottom of the 9th if his shoulder hurts all of the time? It's crazy, but I have to leave it to the training team to watch over him and help to ease the pain. Just as long as there is no tear, then he will be fine.

By the way, today he meets with the coach regarding his fall ball performance. He gave up one run the first day that he pitched. After that, he walked one batter and had a stellar season, so I am interested in hearing what the coach has to say.

Sadly, kids are going to be cut today. I know a few of them and they have no idea. So this news is going to be devastating. I pray that they can get over the pain of it, but it will probably take some time to do so. This is not a pretty business and yes, it is a business. The team is expected to play well, be on television, win, recruit, and make a national name for itself. Although the coaches have hearts, they have to focus on what is best for the team and school. As a former coach, I never had to cut players, but I do know what it is like to sit on a bench or feel totally out of synch with the rest of the team. I will have more information this week as the cuts are made. Is Buddy safe? Yes, the big guy is fine and slated for more appearances in the spring. This year I can count on a trip to Florida knowing that he will be there.

Got to run....

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