Friday, October 7, 2011


Good morning! It's Friday and I am proctoring a midterm exam trying to type softly and not disturb the panicked exam-takers. Are they cheating? I haven't seen anyone except one girl's eyes look at another paper. Here is my philosophy about do you know that your neighbor has the correct answer? How do you know that you don't know? What if you cheat and 'borrow' the wrong answer? Sparky told me that when you are in doubt, choose 'c' as the answer. This would be tough and disastrous in an essay test, but Sparky is pretty smart, so I will go with her test-taking theory.

Last night when I returned home, Diva dog was retching and vomiting nonstop. She was in obvious abdominal distress and Tink and I were really concerned. After an hour, she calmed down a bit but I was ready to call canine 911 for help. (OK, the girl with the red hair just finished the test first and handed it to me...the rest of the students rolled their eyes). Tink slept in a sleeping bag in the mudroom and took care of DD. Such a great dog owner...she has a test this morning and never once thought about it since she was more concerned about little diva.

Over to Buddy..he is now feeling peppier as the midterms and papers are completed and fall ball comes to an end. Sadly, he has to deal with 2 progress reports but he feels that there will be no more academic problems. Once again, can you spell 'eligible'? "I got it, mom" he reports. And so it goes.....

As BonJovi sings..."it's my life...."

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