Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lessons in life

Happy Sunday! It's a good one in the BP mom household. No late night calls about drunken disorderliness or suicide's a day that is looking mighty fine.....yep...mighty fine.

Yesterday, I did receive a number of calls from our hero. Yes, he is feeling, he is not going to the football game because he has too much work to do...yes, he is pitching today. That was all I received in my communication from him. On the other hand dad got the real news that he proceeded to share with me. Here it goes....

No, LW did not try anything shady or fatal. His parents did show up at the apartment and left his little brother with him while they went out for the evening. Naturally, I don't have all of the facts, but lil bro' was there watching television.

Yes, Buddy and Angel went to a sorority social together. Excuse me, but didn't we formally have disdain and revulsion for the Greek system? Are we talking out of both sides of our mouths? Huh? Well, they had fun and Buddy left Angel there because he was making strides with one of the ladies, So, our hero left his roomie as he was so close to obtaining her phone number. When Buddy got home, who was sitting on the sofa? Yep..LW's lil bro. Where was LW? His brother replied: "he went to a party...." and he left his kid brother to rot watching television and playing video games alone. That is...until...Big Red showed up with his girl friend. Thinking that he was going to have the place to himself, he was woefully surprised that this kid was on 'the sofa.' Consequently, Red was not a happy camper...

As Buddy, Big Red and girl friend, and kid bro settled in for the evening, he received a frantic phone call from Angel. "You gotta pick me up....I am in the ER and don't know how I got here...." Ouch! Did the sorority girl take a swing at him? Did he black out? Was he drugged? What happened?

When Buddy and his favorite catcher arrived at the hospital, Angel was in a stall with an IV in his arm. He swore that he had no idea what happened and was trying to piece the last few hours together. It seems that he had left the party inebriated. On campus, there are roving ambulances that pick kids up who appear intoxicated and in danger. Therefore, when they stopped Angel, he failed the breathalyzer test. They transported him to the hospital where he woke up on a stretcher. When he realized where he was, he quickly called his reliable room mates to help him.

Here is where the story becomes confusing...he was not arrested...I don't think that he received a ticket...but his blood alcohol level was high. Therefore, he has to pay a big fine and attend alcohol safety class, and lost his driver's license for 90 days. Now, I know that this is a good kid, who made a bad decision. Therefore, this situation has thrown him onto the sobriety wagon with Buddy.

Angel called home the following morning to recount the story to his parents. From what Buddy tells me, his saintly mother used some not-so-saintly expletives as she proceeded to yell at him for two hours. Today, Angel's parents will be in the apartment and ready to intervene as necessary. In the meantime, what have we learned here?

Well, I have learned that if these kids do not learn from this, then they are not the intelligent guys that I once thought. Anything bad that has happened to them has been related to drinking. Yes, the drinking is more than a glass of is beer, shots, and hard liquor. They are ill equipped, as is anyone, to handle it. So, why oh why do it?

They have so much to lose. LW almost lost his life. Angel has lost his driver's license and is panicked that he may have lost his scholarship (I doubt it, but he should worry about it). Big Red and Buddy just stand there and wonder what they got themselves into...I don't remember these lessons from college and I was sober most of the time....

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