Thursday, October 27, 2011

The day after....

Good morning....It's raining in the northeast and it's my looong day, so this may be a short one. I never know until I begin to type and click on submit...

Got some good news on the Buddy front. He had his end of fall ball meeting with the coaches and it seemed to have gone well. According to the big leftie, the coaches see a new maturity and depth to his personality. In the old days, he would have given up a walk, then a hit or two until the bases were loaded, then a run would score and he would finally be out of the inning. This fall, however he was able to walk the first batter then then deliver the KO punch to the rest of the batters. Needless to say, they are pleased. They asked him to mentor the freshman since they see a lot of his former personality in the new kids. Further, the head coach told him that he wanted him to pitch twice each weekend and that he needed to be prepared mentally and physically. Oh boy, this means that I may have two sightings in one weekend rather than one or none. Lastly, they felt that he was moving toward the MLB draft. OY!!!! I'll write about that one later.

OK, so the conversation was a really good one. He needs to perfect his curve ball which he plans to do over the winter as he has been trying to find his mentor Coach T. T has not answered any of his calls or texts and Buddy is wondering if he has gone "major league" in his head. I doubt it, 'cause he's a good guy who may be out of the country, hunting, or hanging out with the family and friends.

Back to the meeting, they also mentioned that they like the way that he eats, sleeps, and focuses solely on baseball, and were pleased when he had only one suspiciously bad grade. Yippee...he thinks about nothing except this sport. Where will this get him after college? That is to be determined, right?

Now to the not-so-good news. Some of his very good friends from freshman year were cut. His room mate from the dorms will be leaving the university and transfer to another school where he can play ball. Another friend will be rostered and red shirted but not play. He too is looking for another program where he can play. Therefore, he too is leaving the university at the end of the semester. Lastly, LW was given a bad review. He is the last person on the pitching roster to be called into a game, therefore, he has to rework his attitude and begin to train harder to find a spot in the rotation. Needless to say, this is a big blow to LW's fragile ego as he sorts the conversation out in his head. Interestingly, the coaches asked Buddy how his living situation was, and he answered in a vague way, yet the coaches know what is going on. They did reprimand Buddy and Big Red for leaving Angel at the party where he was picked up after drinking. Buddy once again explained that it was because Angel was in deep conversation with a girl that he liked and they did not want to interrupt the time (if there is a next time) they will know better and protect Angel from himself.

And so it goes....Halloween parties begin this weekend. This time last year, Buddy called home at 1 am to report that he had been punched in the face and knocked down. Let's hope that I do not receive any more of those calls and that he now knows to "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee" when someone who is drunk and punch happy comes his way. Again, the coaches say that he has matured...let's watch...

Have a good day!

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