Wednesday, October 5, 2011


There is never a dull moment in BP mom's life. Yesterday's road trip settled a number of interpersonal issues for our hero. He looked somewhat relaxed (for him) and had his sense of humor back. He is on antibiotics for his strept throat and to his delight was kicked out of practice for being contagious. He ran off to study hall to continue studying for his big history midterm today (good luck big guy...).

Once I left the university, we did not chat about the Lone Wolf again. Buddy has to learn to compartmentalize the issues that emerge in his living arrangement. He has to leave it behind to focus on what he has to do to succeed and not be distracted by all of the drama...drama...drama....drama....did I say: "drama?"

While we drove to lunch yesterday, he showed me the places that he wants to live in next year with Dog and California. One house was in the center of town. Dog was being kind when he said that the house had "character." Use your imagination for what "character" means. I promptly vetoed this one. It is in the center of the hub of activity on campus. They will never sleep and will have drunken students pounding on their door wanting to use their bathroom at all times of the day and night.

I picked out another apartment building that had 6 floors and balconies. "Uh mom...that's $800.00 a month per person." Whew, glad that he is finally looking out for my money OR has he seen a recent bank statement showing very little in it? I am not sure, but that building was crossed off the list too.

My only suggestion was to stay off the main streets (there are two) but he is convinced that he is (once again) making the right decision. The guys have now narrowed the selection to the place over the Dunkin Donuts and the one over Citizen's Bank. My spidey senses tell me that DD will emerge as the winner. If this is the case, then I will promptly spend the $18.00 that I have in the bank on DD stock, 'cause those guys can eat. In fact, as I stood next to him yesterday, I swear that he grew another inch or perhaps his hair was particularly fluffy. Not sure, but it added an inch.

And so, life continues....he enjoyed the cupcakes that Tink and I made for them and is ready to kick butt on the history exam. I too will try to compartmentalize and focus on my work for a change. Poor Tink has been making dinners and cleaning the dishes since I am studying for a certification exam next week. Like Buddy and millions of others, I waited for the last minute and am currently cramming while making my index cards and placing them strategically around the house. It definitely brings back my college days as my mind wanders away from the subject onto something really important like who was kicked off Dancing with the Stars?

Enjoy the day!

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