Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A quiet moment to reflect

Hi! I finally have a quiet moment to catch up on the blog. Hope that the holiday weekend was enjoyable for you. We had a lovely time on the road and in the airport. I still cannot believe the price of a hot pretzel in the Atlanta airport. My next (and perhaps only business venture) will be to open an Auntie Anne's pretzel place in an airport somewhere on the east coast.

As we enter back into the daily grind, life goes on and on. BP grandpop is on the mend at home. He had crazy electrolytes...who knew? Tink, Diva and I stopped by the house yesterday and he seemed back to his sweet self serving us homemade soup and apple pie.

And the next question is....how is the big kid? How is he indeed? Oye! What his physical therapist predicted came true....he is worried that he will re-injure himself therefore he is altering his perfect mechanics and cannot find the plate. Yes, this was predicted in the summer and I was hoping that it would not happen to my kid. But, what else is new?

Let's review....lyme disease...mono....flu....strept throat....shoulder surgery...rehab....head case.....

Yeah, head case....Believe it or not, I completely understand. On Saturday after watching him mourn the loss of his special powers, I took him to breakfast...just the two of us. As I watched him inhale the breakfast special with extra bacon, I started the dialogue...

"Honey, I know what you are going through...." She sweetly said....

Eyes rolled..."Yah, right..."

"No really...after my knee surgery, I was afraid that I was going to injure it again and would not work out, run, or even go to Zumba classes....I lost every tennis match this summer (OK, almost every one)...


"And so, once I got over this fear, I went on a two game winning streak!" She smiled broadly and with great pride.

"Uh huh"....as he stuffed his pancakes into his mouth....

"Yeah, so I think that you just have to get over the fear. You are stronger than ever AND your arm has been rehabb-ed and healed....so let the balls fly..."

No reply, just eyes that looked through me like I was a flaming idiot.

"May I suggest that you speak with the sports psychologist who deals with these types of issues each day? He seems like a good egg who completely  understands the psyche of an athlete....."


And as our mother son meal and conversation ended, I thought that perhaps I need to see the Sports psychologist myself....or maybe a college professor psychologist....how about a parenting expert? Actually, I don't need a counselor since I have my family, friends, and happy hour. We cover the woes and issues of the world as we crack open the box and pour 3 ounces of red into the plastic cups. Happy hour is the time for frank discussions about the issues that we face and for eating fried cheap foods that I have to work off the next day on the treadmill.

And so, I leave you with one of the funniest videos I have seen in a long time....it is something that we all consider as we celebrate the holidays. My special thanks to Jimmy Fallon and John Rich for this very funny song....

Have a great day!

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