Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post election chocolate binge

Day 4 of the diet and I am perilously close to attacking the left over Halloween candy. Dr Phil would have said: "Eliminate the candy from the pantry." But since I am not a big fan of his, I am walking on the edge. With the snow and cold temperatures, I am closer to the Skittles than I have been over the past four days. Deep and out....I do not need nor want the extra calories....Actually, the results of the election yesterday almost sent me to take refuge in chocolate. But I carried on. I will win this one.

Ok, the big kid called and was quite salty about the election results. He cannot understand why people voted the way that they did. As I listened to his diatribe, I could not help but marvel at how mature he has gotten. Yep, that's right....he registered, scrutinized the candidates and their platforms, watched the debates and made a decision on how he was going to vote. Now he is disappointed, but I must say, he knows what he is talking about. Perhaps he has politics in his future...oy!

Not much else going on. Cupcake continues to bloom and blossom. The Baker bought this major apple peeler that can peel, core, and slice an apple in ten seconds. Since she goes  through thousands of apples for Thanksgiving, she has a huge smile on her face. Buddy, Tink and I are going to work at the bakery the week before Thanksgiving. My job will be to fill the pies with the apples that Tuna slices. Then the pie moves on to the person who puts the crust on it, then the oven. According to Baker, the bakery sells 5000 apple pies the week before Thanksgiving...the week before....5000 pies....I don't think that Mrs. Smith sells as many pies in a year.

Since my shifts in the bakery are impending, I have to get my school work done. There are classes to plan and papers to read and grade. I also have to write an article for a newsletter.

Oh last thing...a Costco is opening this weekend near us. Dad feels that we should visit it on opening day to check it out. Yep, if you think that my life is exciting now, wait until I post about my visit to Costco on Saturday. This could be transformational....

With that to work I go.....bypassing the pantry....grabbing a spinach salad.....and a large bottle of water.

Stay warm!

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