Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hypnosis anyone?

A night time post. Yep, I did not post after coffee today probably due to apathy. Yes, I was apathetic this morning, even though I was so happy waking up with everyone in the house for a change. Buddy arrived home yesterday afternoon and brought Gopher with him. He was taking a flight to Minnesota from an airport near us. So, he stopped by to say hi and eat a cheese steak. He seems like a nice guy.

And so, we are reunited and my son tells me once again that he is changing his major but is not sure to what. OK, this is the third, fourth, or maybe fifth time....and he is not really sure where he wants to go with his education. Um, does he realize that he needs to graduate in June 2014? Maybe not....

And so, life goes on without really changing. He is very excited about 21st birthday. Me? Not so much. Twenty one means several things...first, he is eligible to drink....second, I have a 21 year old son. I am not sure which is more distressing. Perhaps, his 21-ness will grow on me and he can go to happy hour with me. That would be nice. Mom and her boy at the bar, sipping a Merlot and chatting about life and the Yankees and eating fish tacos and flatbread pizzas. What more can a person want?

On to other the neighborhood and their Christmas lights. Come on people....we have not even had Thanksgiving yet. My pumpkins are still outside. What is going on with rushing the season? I need to pace myself. I want to enjoy each holiday. I am still eating Halloween Snickers bars. I don't want to merge these holidays.

What else is going on? Well, Tink, Buddy, Tuna, Buttercup, Big Sis and Scoob are joining the "pie-filling team" beginning tomorrow. I am hoping that by hanging around the dough, sugar, pies, and cakes, I will no longer be interested in eating these lovely, fat-laden desserts. Perhaps, it will be therapeutic for me.

Speaking of therapeutic, I made a big family announcement at dinner. I am going to learn hypnotherapy. That's right...I am going to school to learn how to hypnotize do you like that one? Actually, I have been thinking about this for a while and figure I can either set up a practice or hypnotize my kids into finishing school, getting a job, and taking the trash out. Maybe I can practice on Diva Dog or Cupcake..... Perhaps I can also hypnotize dad too, although I am not sure which suggestion I want to give him....I have everything that I need or want....Maybe I can hypnotize him into fixing the screen in the back of the house. It's been busted for quite a while and needs his touch. I tried to fix it and failed. It's his turn....

Time for some down time. By the way, good luck to girl friend, Menopausal Marathoner....tomorrow is the day~ She has been training for her first she nuts?, girl run!

Take care!

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