Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stress and pies

Good morning! I hope all is well in your lives. We had Thanksgiving in the south while BP grandmom and Pop had their turkey dinner in the hospital. Is there ever a good time to be admitted to the hospital? Probably not....but Pop is now home and we'll see him tomorrow when we return home to the northeast.

I heard from Wildcat who was very interested in finding out whether I have killed anyone with my little black stopper thingamajing in the apple pies. Here is how it went.....I made about 85+ pies last week and can attest that no black stoppers made it into a pie. You see....when the pies are filled with apples, the little black thingamajing would have stood out like a a little black thingamajing. Therefore, no pie filler reported seeing it and one will choke on it because it is not in a pie but in some corner of the bakery that the guys could not clean.

And so, I am so happy that I have not contributed to anyone's demise. Yes, I have filled their bellies with wholesome apples, sugar, butter, and cinnamon. According to Sparky, they sold thousands of pies, cakes, and cookies on Tuesday and Wednesday. A major league profitable two days. Yet, the gang slept only two hours in three days. I am sure that they are still sleeping today trying to catch up on their sleep and dreaming of carrot cakes, pumpkin pies, and pecans.

As I was filling the pies, one of the bakers suggested that I do not let the stress get to me. Stress? Huh? No way....I was having fun filling the pies and not worried about my own students and work. It was relaxing for me. Strange? Perhaps...then again, stress to one person is a delight to another.

For example, I think that teaching a course on death and dying is stressful 'cause everyone cries the entire time. I also think that watching my son play football is stressful...flying in a rain storm....stressful....labor and delivery...stressful....breaking down on the turnpike....stressful....making dinner for 20 wondering if you are poisoning them...stress....filling apple pies...not so bad. But then again, it is not my livelihood and therefore I am not relying on selling enough to pay the mortgage. I am merely helping a friend in need of assistance. I love doing that....I want to do a good poison anyone or choke them...maybe I should have felt more stress. Oye!

OK, time for me to run an errand. see you next week!

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