Thursday, November 29, 2012

Santa is bringing a window

Good morning! I have been quietly sitting in the family room for the last 90 minutes waiting for a service company to knock on the door. The appointment was scheduled for 8:30 am and I am still waiting! Why does this happen? Why don't people stick to the time that they committed to? If they are running into trouble, I always thought that a phone call would be appropriate, yet, this is not always the case.

I cannot shower, get ready for work, exercise or start a project since I am waiting and waiting and waiting.....

Once I waited in a doctor's office for an appointment for four hours. Yeah, that's right....4 hours...I could not leave my seat as I began to melt physically and emotionally....then as I shared with the doctor my angst over the long wait, he had nothing to say but injected my knee with cortisone and handed me a bill. Let's just say that I would never ever give this practice a referral to any friend or foe. In fact, when the doctor was named as one of the "Best MDs" in the city, I had a good laugh....I am still laughing as I have flashbacks to this wonderful day spent in the doctor's office after countless patients who came in after me and went....of course, I had to pay $20 for parking too since they do not validate.

On another note, I just stopped typing this blog to check on the detained service team....according to the secretary, the service was scheduled for tomorrow and not today. Uh way....I wrote down today on the calender. Am I losing it? Now it is her word against mine. What to do? Do I call and demand that they come today because the appointment was for today? OR do I just suck it up and stay home tomorrow again?

I guess we all know the answer.....

While sitting on the sofa waiting for the work crew, I got a call from the window guy who wants to come next week to fix the broken bathroom window. He asked if I had gotten a price yet from the company. When I heard this, I knew that I was in for a very big bill and that this window could possibly be my Christmas gift from Santa. Not once while sitting on Santa's lap as a kid did I ask for a bathroom window. I wanted a Barbie, bike, dolls, games, and window on the list....and naturally, this year I have been nice and not naughty (I think). Perhaps a bathroom window is Santa's modern version of coal in the stocking. Will he put it on the back of his sleigh with bubble wrap and a bow?

I also got a call from the Big Kid who had sent his paper on John Adams to me to edit. He is developing into a pretty good writer. I only had a few suggestions with multiple grammatical changes. This texting phenomenon has ruined this generation's ability to write. They cannot develop complete sentences or form coherent thoughts. In other words, I wonder what the next generation of literary works will focus on....electronics, texting, software, and computer tablets in a fragmented manner....we would need a score card to decipher what they are trying to say.

By the way, he now reports that his competitive juices are flowing as he had a huge fight with Dog. Yeah....a love hate room mate situation. Do girls act this way or do they just ignore the room mate when she makes a catty remark? I am not sure which way is more effective, but Buddy was pretty happy that he snapped back at Dog. "I'm back!" he says with glee.

Uh, super....the temper is back as well as the drive to succeed and slay the foe. Yummy....good to hear....let's see if this translates into a 90 mile per hour fast ball. OK, gotta run. I have been on the sofa way too long!

See ya!

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