Friday, November 9, 2012

Baby Uggs and Nike

Exhale...Thursday has come and gone and I am a bit bleary eyed. Cupcake is sleeping in her little cupcake outfit in the next room since Buttercup had an early morning shift at the bakery. Here's hoping that she brings back a vanilla vanilla cake....Nope! Can't do it until the zippers in the pants work without pliers. This kid is so cute and sweet....nothing like Tink and Buddy when they were kids. Those two had me running from dawn until late nights. One night, I went to a grade school reunion and left dad home to babysit the kids. When I returned at midnight, the boys were asleep and Tink at the age of three was sitting at the bottom of our bed watching the Chippendales on Saturday Night Live while dad was snoring away. What is wrong with this picture?

Yep, Cupcake is very cool. She has faux baby Uggs and all kinds of happenin' clothes that people my age would love (especially the cupcake hat). She is a stylish little kid with a big grin and happy disposition. I hope she stays this sweet as I consider my last phone call with my little guy. Yep, salty language....missed a Spanish test (of course, by accident)....had to attend a lecture given by one of the country's most revered clothing designers and he was not happy. "Why should I go when all I wear is Nike?" Why, indeed.....

Perhaps your teacher seeks to expand your mind....expose you to new concepts and to develop your critical thinking skills? Or maybe, he is trying to pick on you because he does not like you and delights in making you crazy?

And so, reluctantly, the southpaw went to the lecture and sat in the back. After a few texts, I stopped replying to them. He kept texting what a waste of this was and how stupid the assignment was. Then the texts stopped altogether. An hour later, I received a phone call. "OK, I respect this guy and how he created something from nothing by working hard. I left when the girls started asking questions."

And the learning activities continue. Thank you to his professor for making him do something that he did not want to do and get something positive out of it. It's all about moving out of your comfort zone and working to see life from different perspectives. Do we know it all at the age of 20? Uh, I think that you know the answer to that question. I like learning new things as I watched the Travel Channel while some guy toured Portugal. I never considered taking a trip there until I saw how beautiful it, I think that Portugal is on my bucket list. Did you know that you can see monkeys at the Rock of Gibraltar? Now there is another reason to stop by Portugal!

With that said, I have papers, papers, and more papers to grade.....have a super day!

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