Sunday, November 18, 2012

Looking for a large box to live in

Good morning! Tink, Buddy and I are preparing to head for the bakery. I am actually eating a huge breakfast so that I am NOT hungry when I get there. I am looking forward to scooping apples and singing a little song in my head.

Why? Well, in the old days (here she goes....)...before iPods....I worked in a kitchen. We put the radio on when the supervisor wasn't there and would sing until it was time to serve dinner. Listening to tunes and singing helped the time to go quickly and pleasantly. Music is actually quite therapeutic....when I played singles in matches or tournaments, I would sing a song over and over in my head and sometimes out loud to get me in the rhythm of the game and keep my mind off of choking. Yep, I do believe that music has a great deal of power and can lull someone to sleep or motivate them to perform at their peak.

I suppose this is why the baseball players have their "walk out" songs. This is also true for the pitchers. Buddy has been working on his walk out song for years. It seems to change every few weeks. I actually suggested a Lenny Kravitz song that had an amazing guitar opening (Are You Going My Way?). Initially he loved it, but is now leaning toward a Toby Keith song. Whatever he wants, it is meant to inspire and keep his level of motivation and concentration at its highest level. My only request that he does not choose a song with 'cuss words, 'cause his momma and grandparents are listening....oh yea and his young impressionable cousins and any other little kid in the stands.

On to their living conditions....yes, there was yet another citation....what does this mean? Well, the room mates have to pay yet another fine for not putting the trash out or bringing the cans back in. Also, if there is trash on the lawn, the police drive by and write out a ticket and hand it to the landlord. From her latest email (yesterday), she is beyond peeved and probably muttering some 'cuss words that won't be found in any walk out song. If she receives another citation, these party boys are out on their !(#^@#))*%. Yeah...then what?

Well, they continue to pay for the house that they rented plus rent on another place as they search for another apartment to live in. If the landlords are organized, then Buddy and his posse have their faces posted on bulletin boards and telephone poles throughout the borough as students NOT to rent to...then what? Hmmm....perhaps if we get a television to replace the one that is not working well, they can live in the box in an alley. No cable...internet...electricity....heat...air conditioning.... oh yeah, no trash to take out. To say that dad is livid would be an understatement. We all know that if they are evicted, then we are responsible for providing the big box for him to live in. Yes, that's will be a box and not a neat condo with a trash compacter but a box with a few holes poked into it for ventilation. After all, his sneakers stink.

Gotta head out....have a good one....however, if you see a big television box with air holes near a large university campus in the future, it could be my son and his friends living in luxury until they leave for the summer recess.

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