Friday, November 16, 2012

Filling pies

Good morning! I sort of have a day off and have to say after yesterday's marathon teaching session that the only ones more tired than I am is the students. They are having trouble sleeping, are stressed, and having physical symptoms such as neck pain and headaches. I have to be more aware that they are victims of my ramblings and need for perfection...sorry gang...but you will be better off at the end of the semester.

I promised the class that if they all pass the final exam, I would bring them a cake from the bakery to celebrate. Now, for 26+ slices of cake, I may need a loan or take out a floating mortgage, nonetheless, a promise is a promise.

Speaking of bakeries, I also promised Sparky and the Baker that I would help to fill pies this week in between classes. According to Baker, they sell 5000 apple pies, 2000 pecan pies, and 2000 pumpkins pies in three days. This is crazy! All of the pies will be placed in a large truck in the front of the bakery and people will pick up their orders in the truck. Keep in mind that this bakery is tiny. Baker just expanded to the second floor, but she still needs a big truck for the orders. Amazing....that's a lot of dough!

As far as the big kid is concerned, he was "blue" yesterday because he worked out and did not have any energy. Imagine....he has mono and no energy....Today, he worked out again with the team and blew threw it. Then he blew out his dinner last night as he vomited in front of the team. The guys and coaches congratulated him and felt that he was bacck! What a scene....

Today, Cupcake is with us. She has a bit of a cold and is more cranky than usual. Diva dog has run from the scene and Tink is doing her best to keep our little sweetness from crying too much. Usually Cupcake is a happy little camper, but since she is having trouble breathing from her nose, she is sad.
Yes, Cupcake....I need a nose to breathe quietly. Poor kid....

And so, today I have the privilege of playing tennis with one of my favorite partners, Red. She is a super player and always runs the ball down...even with the two knee braces that she wears. Red is one tough cookie. I am sure that she also vomits after her work outs like Buddy.

With that said, I have to check on little Cupcake before I leave. Have a great day....

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